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In memory of this great play-off run...

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  • In memory of this great play-off run...

    I was hoping a picture thread could be filled with pictures of all the public places where the Oilers symbol and slogans have been placed before all of them are taken down. For example, did anyone notice the painted Oilers symbol on the plastic sheet for the maintenance of the low level bridge? I didn't notice it until recently, but it was very neat, and I would love to get a picture of that.

    I plan on going out with my camera tonight and getting a whole bunch. I really should have been doing this before the 7th game of the Stanley Cup Finals, but better late than never

    I would really appreciate it if the people at C2E could help with my little project so post them if you got them!

    Time to grow up.

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    While unfortunately I am stuck at work tonight, I can try to get out for a little bit.
    President and CEO - Airshow.


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      Although I am sad right now, I'm going to console myself with how this team that plays a simple game brought this entire city of one million plus people together. We are proud of what you have done.

      Time to grow up.