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Rossdale power generating station

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    Folk Fest is half that, around 12k per day.


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      This is about the 2017 edition. I don't have the numbers for 2019 and 2018 was beset by bad weather.

      Note that the number of tickets sold includes multi day passes as well as single day.

      ​​​​​​Here’s a look at how it all played out at Gallagher Park in central Edmonton over the course of the four-day event:

      Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2017: By the Numbers

      55,000 tickets sold
      Kids can attend for free
      Neighbours who live near Gallagher Park can attend for free

      An estimated 25,000 people per day attended

      Musical acts
      64 acts played
      $1.5 million was spent on artists
      The total budget was $5 million
      Unless Global is just pulling numbers out of the air, the got them from the Folk Fest organization itself.


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        What's 55,000 tickets sold divided by 4 days? That's the daily attendance, roughly. That 55k number includes the weekend passes, multiplied by 4. Folk Fest absolutely does not have 25k on site at a time and that factoid is incorrect. Unfortunately there's not much out there for a source to back that up, but there is little chance that single day attendance at Folk Fest is more than 12-15k. It's been capped there for decades, as they don't have the infrastructure or room for more to attend.


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          They don't all have to be there at one time. People come and go. Some arrive late for a particular performance. Some leave after one.

          The numbers came from Folk Fest. Take it up with them.


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            Assuming you could stack the venues, you could fit maybe 2 Jubilee Auditoriums in the Rossdale plant, volume-wise.
            The Jube seats about 2300 people. Maybe if there's GA standing room, instead of all seating you get to 5,000 guests. Nowhere near big enough to accommodate Folk fest. Nevermind that it's only for a weekend.
            Mind you, I think you could pair an indoor venue at Rossdale with an outdoor venue across the bridge at the hill between the river and Queen E park road.

            Rossdale is going to be developed by the city and will be a money loser, but neat space.