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Another walk - DECL breakfast, market, street-party and the Leg

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  • Another walk - DECL breakfast, market, street-party and the Leg

    Edmonton really comes alive in the summer.

    Our neon museum

    Our new bike lanes are now open!

    The neighbour I am most jealous of.



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    Ramdom observations;

    Taking pictures of groups of people gets you stink eye. People generally don't like this and I note in lots of your pictures of people that people are glaring at you. Especially in the closeups where they are glaring right at you.

    Next. People cycling on DT cycling network wearing Bike Helmets. This gets a thumbs up win for health. Wear you helmet, it DOES save lives. Nice to see some people doing this.

    Conversely apparently people cycling around Legislature don't use helmets. Odd. Albeit these probably also the type of douches that Cycle THROUGH the Leg grounds which you are not supposed to do.

    Clueless DB award goes to the guy cycling in a white dress shirt, no helmet, and lol with open toed sandals. This guy is one simple spill away from an ER ward. That shirt won't protect you grinding into the pavement. Those sandals won't protect your feet or toes at all.

    The guy cycling in pants and no shirt gets the special ***** award. Try taking a spill on a bike on concrete or asphalt with no shirt on and sliding on road and gravel. You'll never ride shirtless again. Added doofus bonus for cycling through the waterworks. This is the guy that cyles through every puddle he can find. Your gears, chain and gear lube won't appreciate that.

    Where do these people come from?

    Decoration bike with flower basket a whole other topic. I bet the odometer doesn't ever click past 6 biks. Fashion biking, lol.
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