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The hood - One last walk under the lights

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  • The hood - One last walk under the lights

    A brisk -20C tonight, but not cold enough to stop the pup, D40 and I.:tup::cheers:


    My gorgeous neighbour

    Another resident

    Love this apartment's window design:tup::worship:

    The grand dame on our avenue.

    Federal Building Plaza

    My backyard.

    A few other brave souls were out with us.

    Coolest stairwell/lightwell

    Our Provincial Legislature

    A new tower going up Downtown

    Battery dying, fingers freezing, back home Omega.


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    Great stuff.


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      I just love the look of Edmonton evenings on those nights where there is ambient light due to weather conditions. Those nights where it almost looks light out and that you can see everything. Those nights where you can see clearly lit horizons. Ian captured one of these nights. The beckoning of these nights can cause one to walk for hours in that surreal sky blanket.

      Not sure what it is either but it doesn't really feel all that cold out there. I've yet to even break out my winter jackets this winter. Just wearing Down filled Eddie Bauer vest and sweatshirt. Toque and gloves essential though as always.

      Just a word for people to check out the exhibits at the new Federal building.

      The Alberta presentation is worth seeing, right now they also have a narrative interpretive art installation in the gallery and the Art shop has beautiful items for sale and a very attentive staff that seem to really enjoy working there. We've had wonderful visits in there. They close at 6pm usually. Seeing the Leg this time of year is always win win. One of the hilites for us.
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        nice walking tour set.

        Some areas of the city should always stay with the sodium-vapor lamps (like the ones on 99 ave) or at least use them until LEDs evolve to such a point where it's economical to burn them at the warmer temperature range.


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          100% agreed.



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            Nice pics.
            Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.