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A trip to the City Market

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  • A trip to the City Market

    Running May through Oct, our outdoor Downtown Farmer's Market (The City Market) is one of, if not the best thing about Downtown in the summer.:tup: It can attract 20-30,000 people on a nice day.


    Off to Coffee Bureau for a most delicious espresso.

    10am and already quite busy.

    4th Street is one of our most complete and beloved streets in all of the city.

    Puppies are welcome

    As are patios:cheers:

    Maybe a little too busy:worship:

    The number of families that come to enjoy it is quite amazing.

    Ultima, newly occupied and a stunner.

    A blend of old and new.

    Michael Phair Park with a new mural/art installation in progress.

    Mirror image

    The majestic Milner Building:tup:

    What's going on.

    The park across the street from home is popular for weddings.

    Thanks for joining us.


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    Thought this would be about loblaws city market. I wonder if anyone else will be confused by the naming of the new grocery and this farmer's market called the same thing.
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      Saturday morning the roomie asked me if I wanted to go to City Market "today or tomorrow'" & it took me a half-second of pre-coffee-induced confusion to work out that she meant Loblaws.
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        Thanks IanO.

        Top_Dawg likes the pics.

        Are you the dweeb with his back to the camera in the first photo ?


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          Thanks and nope.