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Looking for specific pics from 1980-1999

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    Originally posted by killerkobra View Post
    Originally posted by wayneskichuck View Post
    I grew up in that area, mostly in the late 70's and early 80's, and had a memorable time there too. If I remember correctly, the mall across from Northgate, North Town, had K-Mart, London Drugs, an arcade, and a record shop at one time. I'm also looking for photos of that time/place as well. I was into photography/super 8 in those day, but didn't bother taking snapshots of the neighborhood.

    I did find a guy on Flickr who has a photo collection of malls from Edmonton as well as other cities.
    Thanks for the link but I am well aware of that flickr album. Very cool to see some of the pics.
    I follow that guy on flickr but lately he has been posting lots of naked selfies :O