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LoebsPeugot208 Random Pics of Edmonton Thread

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  • LoebsPeugot208 Random Pics of Edmonton Thread

    Howdy, I'm LoebsPeugot208, I made Pikes Peak my Biiiiiiiii-nope, that's not quite child friendly.

    Here is where my random pics of Edmontonia will be postedia, hrmm that don't work.


    *oh, and visit my flickr stream for more shots, I don't edit them before they are dumped up on flickr. Just try to get good shots with the glass on hand and the conditions that are present. woo!

    And i've got lots of shots, so come back often to see what other random pictures get sent up to the cloud, or whatever you want to call it.

    DSC_0499 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

    DSC_0508 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

    DSC_0500 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

    DSC_0490 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

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    That last picture of the CN tower is one of the best I have ever seen.
    Edmonton first, everything else second.


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      I wish the signal light wasn't there but I couldn't get the shot framed the way I wanted without it. I may go back and take a couple lower shots and higher shots and just photoshop it out and replace with sections from a slightly different angle then fix any lighting or distortion artifacts. Or I will just be lazy and not do it. ha


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        Nice pics.

        We do have a thread already where people on the Forum post their photos. I know it says One Shot of Edmonton but most people post more. If you post them on that thread your will get more exposure (pun intended). Plus the added bonus of looking at photographs from some very talented photographers.

        Photo thread^
        Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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          Originally posted by Gemini View Post
          If you post them on that thread your will get more exposure (pun intended).

          Love me some puns.

          And thanks! I will probably post the occasional shot there. The thread title screamed of a big pano' shot or wide angle that shows lots of stuff. So when I talk some of those I will pop in and drop one or two to add to the mix.

          For now, some randoms (the two night sky shots are from Jasper, but I figured what the hey)(and as per usual see the disclaimer in the first post):

          These were hard to get anywhere close to how I wanted them.

          DSC_0325 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0333 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          Random shot:

          DSC_0379 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr


          DSC_0411 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0452 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          Didn't have my tripod so these didn't come out how I wanted but they work:

          DSC_0520 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0540 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          Brought the tripod for these, but traffic kept shaking the decking I was on so not quite as sharp as I was hoping:

          DSC_0545 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0546 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0548 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0550 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0552 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr

          DSC_0554 by LoebsPeugot208, on Flickr


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            Oh and lots more in my Flickr stream soooo yeah, view them there. Cuz I am lazy and don't feel like copy pasting links to all my shots.


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              Pics from today, visit my flickr stream for all the uploads, these are just some that didn't really fit anywhere and thought you guys would like:

              No Edits, no filters, just straight up to flickr. Bigger version and all my other shots are there. Also my other thread in this sub forum (will add another couple to this thread over the week).

              The Sky was super dynamic as was the lighting and clouds. Disappointed I didn't have more time to get shots in. Today would have been a great day to hit up a bunch of places to shoot and get some neat angles with reflected or refracted or diffuse light. The clouds were really fast moving and created awesome back drops. Air was pretty clear too. If the weather is good for the next few days I may try to get another batch of night shots in. Hopefully find a more stable spot to setup my tripod so I get back a lot of the lost sharpness from the last batch.

              Hope you guys like

              The Bell tower shot I really liked how it turned out. The reflections of the sky make it look super cool like the cloud is sitting in front of it.

              DSC_0580 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0594 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0595 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0596 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0599 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0600 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0605 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0602 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0607 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0609 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr

              DSC_0613 by Bear Bearington, on Flickr
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                I should add, the reason for the disclaimer about no edits is so that people don't think I am colour correcting, filtering, or otherwise photoshopping the crap out of my images. I try to go as natural as possible with a DSLR. If I can't get a particular shot I want without PS than my technique, skills and imagination need work.


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                  What is the building adjacent to Canada Place in the 9:26 AM photos? I'm embarrassed to say I don't recognize it, at least not from that angle.


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                    ^ And what direction is it, in relation to Canada Place?


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                      ^ and ^^
                      Alberta Hotel?
                      “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                        Yup Alberta Hotel. That shot was taken from the north side of jasper facing east on the south east side of 9888 and almost directly straight south of the sun life building.

                        It's to the south west of Canada Place. CKUA has moved in. If you are by the citadel and can see a green glass and brick structure to your direct south, that is the back of the building.



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                          Thanks Monkey and Loebs.