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  • National Aboriginal Day

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    Great photos!

    Below is a link to a very interesting article...

    ‘Red-Haired Man’ remembered for pivotal role in War of 1812
    Randy Boswell, Postmedia News Jun 17, 2012

    "But in a distant native community south of Saskatoon — the home of Saskatchewan’s Whitecap Dakota First Nation — a few hundred kinfolk of the Sioux warriors who joined Dickson, Brock, Wabasha and fellow aboriginal ally Tecumseh in confronting U.S. forces 200 years ago are proudly remembering their special connection to the War of 1812 battles that helped create Canada."...

    “In Western Canada, there’s not really a lot of awareness of the War of 1812,” says Chief Darcy Bear, leader of Whitecap’s 600-member community. “But it’s basically the humble beginnings of our nation. Canada didn’t just happen in 1867 — turn on a switch and Canada was there. There were actually relationships prior to that, and the British really relied on their First Nations allies.”...