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    I've always wanted to catch the old streetcars and the LRT at the same time but that takes a lot of luck. As I arrived I saw not just the street car but also the LRT going both ways on the train bridge. No time to set up the tripod but we take what we can get.

    Another streetcar shot. I wish these ran down Jasper Ave and made a full circle to Old Strathcona.

    Earlier in the day I went to Southgate VW as they were having a show put on by various local car collector clubs.

    I've always loved the old Beetles and the Bus.

    Last one

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    nice. thanks!


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      Nice shots! Having the streetcar run along Jasper would definitely be cool - maybe a loop around Jasper, by Churchill Square, 102 Ave, 108 Street, then across the High Level to loop through Strathcona. I'll keep dreaming!


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        T'would be nice. That's one of the features I love about San Francisco, the vintage streetcars running from the Castro to the waterfront.
        Nisi Dominus Frustra


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          Yes, if those streetcars ran down Jasper Ave there would finally be something very memorable about downtown Edmonton that would set us apart from Calgary and other Canadian cities. It would be pretty handy for tourist and people attending the convention centre to be able to hop onto one of these and cross the bridge and then get out in Old Strathcona. That would really bring downtown alive.