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    The Alberta Badlands through Drumheller:


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      Sherwood Park Freeway. I'm running out of obvious (and interesting) roads. Anybody have any suggestions?


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        Hello Chris,

        I live in Folsom (Sacramento), California and have lurked more than I have posted on this website since about 2006. I have been following Edmonton's vehicle-based transportation infrastructure progress since the 1970s, when I got my first map of Edmonton. I have old maps showing the Whitemud running from Fox Drive over to 149 Street. I am a map collector and a roadgeek. I am familliar with the old METS plans from the 60s and 70s, as well as the planned upgrades for the Yellowhead Trail, Ray Gibbon Drive, Terwilegar Drive/170 Street SW and the Northeast Section of the Henday.

        One of these days, I will get up to Edmonton for a road trip. I have been wanting to go to Edmonton since the late 1970s. I just need to get a passport and clear a three-week vacation from my employer. I just get really busy at work, and it is difficult to get away.

        Your time-lapse videos are awesome, and I regularly check this site for any new road timelapse videos from you. I like your 3/4- Henday, Yellowhead W-E, freshly-released SHP Freeway, Groat Road, 111 St. and Whitemud videos a lot. You did a great job !!

        If I had a choice, here is what I would like to see (as an out-of- towner):

        AB 15 via 50 Street to Manning Drive to Fort Saskatchewan at AB 21.
        75 Street north from Whitemud Drive over Wayne Gretzky Drive to Yellowhead Trail to Fort Road.
        Terwillegar Drive (sp.?) from Whitemud Drive, southwest to AHD over to 170 Street SW.
        170 St. from Callingwood north to 137 Avenue NW.
        Edmonton International Airport Access Road west from QEW 2 to the terminals with all the arrival and departure ramps.
        AB 60/AB 19 bypass southwest of Devon.
        Ray Gibbon Drive from AHD north to Villenueve Road in St. Albert.
        AB 21 from Fort Saskatchewan south to AB 14 (all that great recent twinning).
        Whitemud Drive east of 216 to AB 21 (all of that recent new twinning).
        104 ST. N.W. from Saskatchewan Drive via Calgary Trail crossing Whitemud, 23 Street, AHD, Ellerslie Road to Leduc.
        Stony Plain Road west from 149 St to Manly Plain (Jct 16/43) via Route 16-A via the Parkland Highway.
        Argyll Road from Sherwood Park Freeway, south on 91 Street to Ellerslie Road (to see remnants of the never-built Mill Creek Ravine Freeway).

        But now I sound like a greedy SOB !!

        Anyway, I really enjoy your timelapse road videos. I look forward to whatever you choose to post, and will enjoy everything you have posted here, timelapse-wise, in the past.

        Whatver you post, I am sure I will enjoy !! Thanks Chris.


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          Well, there you go Chris.


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            Yeah for sure! Those are all some really good suggestions. I recorded a few more roads yesterday. I'll try uploading some soon.

            Thank you!


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              Here's one that's a little different. This follows the route of the SE LRT. Once the line is complete, I plan to film the same path. Show a before and after.


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                Yellowhead Trail through Edmonton:


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                  A very nice timelapse !! It is nice seeing a video of the Yellowhead during the summer months. It is also cool looking at the construction at AHD and points east along the Yellowhead !!

                  Keep up the great work, Chris.


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                    Great thread. Thanks Chris. And rather neat to see Bob all the way in California taking part.
                    Time spent in the Rockies is never deducted from the rest of your life


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                      I'll play: 103 street from Whyte to Sask Drive - right turn and quick hairpin left down Walterdale Hill would be cool, especially once they start putting up the spans for the new bridge.

                      Oooh, or at night with the HLB all lit up.

                      Fort Hill through the Leg grounds to 107 street and then a quick left on 99 ave to Capital Boulevard.

                      Any of the beautifully (tree) canopied side streets in Millcreek.

                      Scona Road across the Low Level and up McDougall Hill and 100 street to 104 ave (or maybe turn left onto RHW?).

                      The various segments of Sask. Drive from Groat Road and 87th all the way to 99 street.

                      ... gobsmacked


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                        Thanks for the suggestions. Some of those routes I have already completed. I have so many videos sitting on my laptop waiting to be edited.


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                          If you can do it in the daytime before the leave are all gone, I'd like to request a time lapse drive of the river valley and/or old growth forest neighbourhoods before fall ends. An example I just drove (and don't have a car camera to share with, unfortunately) would be coming down 98th avenue just east of the traffic circle, following 98th avenue to where you turn to River Valley road, and following River Valley road to the end. There's still plenty of leaves on the trees today.


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                            Highway 63 through Fort McMurray:


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                              New video of Gateway Blvd.

                              Also, I know this isn't a time lapse, but a video driving down Walterdale Hill, over Walterdale Bridge, and up 105 St. Hill.


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                                101 Street through downtown: