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  • ABC's of Edmonton Photo Contest

    “ABC’s of Edmonton” Photo Contest

    Guten Tag, I say to you from Munich where I have taken up temporary residence. While it has been some time since I’ve checked the forum I still try and keep up to date with the going-ons of my favourite city in North America. I do miss home, but am excited and extremely grateful to be afforded the opportunity to experience life in Europe. This “sehnsucht/heimweh” is however also one of the reasons I propose a little photo competition about Edmonton.

    The longer hours of darkness, and colder weather were the first subtle signs; but now with all the lights, ornaments and advertisements, it is clear. The Christmas season is upon us. With the hustle and bustle of 24/7 shopping, wish lists and gifts it can be hard to focus on the moments at hand, and to take joy from the little things. Some little bits of home, Edmonton, were sent to me in an email from my Mum, which inspired the idea for this contest.

    The Contest:
    Upload pictures of buildings, details, trees, Edmonton landmarks or other typical Edmonton scenes that shape letters.

    Upload 1 or multiple images portraying letters.

    Points will be awarded based on composition, originality and “local-ness ”. By Local-ness I mean having the picture be based on something identifiably Edmonton.

    Depending on the number of submissions or entrants I would to like to have everyone vote for the overall winner. Anyone is welcome to submit their letters/photos.

    Contest entrance deadline should be January 4th, 2012 to give you the opportunity to snap some photos over the holidays and compile them before heading back to work.

    I will provide a small prize for the person with the submission(s) with the highest points, to be sent to the winner at a later date.

    Casting aside some of that internet anonymity, I have provided a few examples of what will be expected.
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to your submissions and encourage you to find joy in the little things that make Edmonton a great place.

    -P. Deeg

    (Photo Credits go to my Mum)