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Pictures of old Whyte Ave

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    Alberta Archives have the most of old Whyte. It also helps is you can properly use a search engine and have the time and patience. Sometimes the best photos are labelled with interesting keywords in them. The University (Peel?) Archives are also good.
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      Just looking at the Archives on-line, there are quite a few historic shots of Whyte. I may have to go and have a visit to the actual Archives. Thanks for the info, folks!!


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        ^You can also try the Glenbow Museum archives. There are some Whyte Ave. photos, from before 1930 that I could see.


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          Yeah there are quite a few old Whyte avenue pictures in the provincial archives.


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            Originally posted by North Guy66 View Post
            Originally posted by TerryH View Post
            If anyone knows what year the Klondike Days banner (at the extreme left in the yellowed area), then we should know. It may be 1979 when Northlands celebrated its centennial and renamed and re-branded themselves.
            Thanks for the nice pic, Mock.

            Also check out the station wagon's licence plate. The old Alberta plates were 'black gold' before the current colour scheme. So when did the plates change colour? My guess is before the 1980's.

            Another observation from the historic pic is the trolley lines. I've never recalled trolley buses going through Whyte. It must mean this was the early 1970s.
            I noticed that there were no trolley lines east of 104th and, now that I thought of it, the lines were only there to connect to the Strathcona bus barns. Routes 9/41/42 are the only ones I recall using trolleys along 109th Street at Whyte Avenue.


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              The old post office closed in late 1977, and gas prices transitioned to per-litre in 1979 (first-day Edmonton price was 16.9 cents per litre).

              The photo was likely taken in July 1978.

              The yellow licence plates were phased out in 1983.


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                I like the gas station sign:
                car care
                self service

                (Like the old Texaco on 107th and Groat:
                Self service, service you can trust signs )

                Bell-bottoms - Wikipedia

                “By 1979, skin-tight trousers or 1950s-style drain pipes were much more in vogue, with bell-bottoms been seen as having had their day, remaining in fashion circa 1968-78.[7]”

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