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  • Fall tree colors

    Who says Edmonton doesn't have nice fall colors??? Don't tell me that eastern canada is better. Its what you choose to plant.[email protected]/5070012127/[email protected]/3415556282/[email protected]/3414748983/[email protected]/3415554390/[email protected]/3415554818/

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    Very nice shots, but Fall in Eastern Canada/US is not only far more stunning due to tree type, but more so that the duration makes it absolutely phenomenal.



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      That doesn't mean we should abandon hope and just plant green ash. Edmonton starts to look looks near dead at this time of the year when it could still be green with evergreens and otherwise filled with vibrant deciduous tree colours.

      I have a number of trees and shrubs in my own back yard with good fall colour including: a couple Ohio Buckeye's, a Horse Chestnut, Pin Oak, Burr Oak, several Cherries plus others.

      Looking around I still see all green Laurel Leaf willows, some Mountain Ash, Russian Olive among those that haven't lost their leaves.

      I'd been hoping to start a watch list of decent fall trees for long lasting green leaves. Glad to see this posting on great fall colours.

      We really need to start discovering the means to making our city more attractive year round (via trees, buildings, infrastructure, signage, etc. )if we want to encourage a higher standard of living, economic growth and a more positive attitude about the city in general.


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        ^concur 100%, but just saying that they are hard to compare, even if we perhaps short change our fall.



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          A tree in downtown Edmonton needs a little love for its 100th birthday | CBC News
          Dan Rose is gathering support to recognize the Holowach tree's rich history

          Oumar Salifou · CBC News · Posted: Jul 24, 2019


          “A neglected horse chestnut tree in downtown Edmonton, surrounded by dumpsters and parked cars, will soon turn 100 years old.

          Dan Rose, the chair of the Edmonton Historical Board, is gathering support to recognize the tree's historical significance and clean up the little park around it.“

          "There was probably not any or certainly not very many horse chestnuts in the city at the time," said Dustin Bajer, a horticulturalist who is researching heritage trees in Edmonton. “

          YEGtrees: Mapping Edmonton’s Favourite Trees
          April 30, 2015 by Dustin Bajer

          Heritage Plants of Edmonton
          July 14, 2019 by Dustin Bajer

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