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MacDonald Drive at Night

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  • MacDonald Drive at Night

    A few shots from the night we got a tour of the EPCOR construction site. Click on them to go to the flickr page.

    This is my favorite of the set. An HDR image of the river valley.

    A shot of the Edmonton Journal Building.

    Our River Valley, looking towards the Muttart

    The Telus Tower South.

    The A.D. Williams Engineering Building

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    the 1st and 3rd ones are some of the best i have seen of our city...



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      The Edmonton Journal building pic is really good too.


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        incredible Pictures


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          What lens are you using for these? The Telus building said it was 10mm - wow!

          They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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            Very cool. I really like the graininess of the Journal picture.


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              Really, awesome photos. Had to copy the Journal one onto my phone. Looks great.


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                Thanks guys!

                As for the lens it's a Sigma 10-20. Very wide angle. Available for most non full frame DSLR. I like the wideness, but sometimes the distortion can be distracting. Sometimes it's nice though.


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                  Good work on the photos, can hardly tell there is HDR.


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                    Wow! These look great!
                    "Talk minus action equals zero." - Joe Keithley, D. O. A.


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                      I'm necroing this because the photo's are great. And because it is an effin' travesty that we have built this bullshizzle funicular project sold as having "expansive" views of the river valley when all along we had the best views literally sitting across the street desperately needing an effin' rake. For the want of a nail...

                      MacDonald Dr. is beautiful. Particularly so after the Telus building renovation. It's an "active transportation corridor" with existing stairs (poorly designed but I digress) That whole stroll towards Ceonotaph Memorial Plaza outside of Chateau Lacombe is beauty. And that park itself should be a destination but instead we've given it over to those up to no good. It's a natural way to connect the park on the SE of Jasper and 102 st. But no, instead of amplifying the good that already exists we need something new and flashy to get our dander up.

                      Screw that. It's about time we take care of what we have. Encourage the already "in place" before we demand something new. And I've said this before but it is a natural live music area. Telus stage on Jasper, Alberta College of Music, The church, The Starlite all within an easy stroll. Not to mention the outdoor possibilities on the aforementioned south facing Telus Plaza.

                      BTW, your friggin' million dollar park on the NW of 102 avenue and 105 street was packed tonight with skate boarders and dog owners. Zero otherwise citizens. Not entirely a criticism but I'm betting that wasn't in the original plans (besides the dogs).


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                        So dog owners are not citizens. erm ok then........... btw your bitterness is showing.


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                          Originally posted by Dark Magnus View Post
                          So dog owners are not citizens. erm ok then........... btw your bitterness is showing.
                          No. It says “zero otherwise citizens”. It doesn’t say that shateborders and dog owners aren’t citizens. Bitterness showing? Yeah slightly. . Everyone can enjoy a good rant.

                          Further to that posting

                          - impressive that dog owners and skateboarders can co-exist as users of the same park. That’s sounds like a success!

                          - on the funicular, it’s about access for all to the valley (wheelchairs, stollers, people in the pergatory of joint replacement waitlists ) plus adding a whole spectrum of new viewpoint /vantage points*, plus a great big staircase and walkway that represented a huge proportion of the total project cost, ...

                          - upgrading and recognizing the potential of what we already have? I applaud such efforts and seemingly excessive expenditures. The city is growing and downtown populations easily and quite reasonably double and so what seems like a large premature expenditure today in short order can look like brilliant foresight on short order. (By comparison, a few more dollars on adding an extra lane to the Snthony Henday would have been roundly critiqued and condemned but as soon as the freeway was opened and people recognized the route’s popularity, then out of the woodwork came the endless criticism of the excessively cheap and shortsighted planning. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. “Overbuilding” will never seem smart to many people that lack the ability to think about the future.

                          - on necroing and guilt associated with reviving and continuing old threads: I don’t get it. Do people live such myopic lives that old thoughts and discussions can’t be revived and further considered? In fact those that complain about reviving old discussions may be like the people stuck in the present that are considered to be suffering from depression, mania, impulsivity. We need people that can revisit the past, add to it, bring it up to date and then project and dream and postulate about the future.

                          * wait to see the new nighttime and other photos taken from different points along going down the funicular/staircase’s route into the valley. Those photos should start showing up soon. I expect some impressive shots of the MacDonald hotel and drive.
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                            Originally posted by Dark Magnus View Post
                            So dog owners are not citizens. erm ok then........... btw your bitterness is showing.
                            Certainly they're people; However, that park is a concrete jungle. A dog does its business and the owner picks it up, but there is still residue that you step own or possible breath in when it becomes es dry.
                            " The strength of a man is in the stride he walks."