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2008.11.29 SPR Movie Night

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  • 2008.11.29 SPR Movie Night

    I was apparently having some focus issues, but here's what the Stony Plain Road movie night looked like:

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    Thanks C.
    My hope is that you can finally get rid of the anger in your heart, and fill it with peace, compassion, understanding, and a desire to uplift rather than suppress.

    After all, we are all together on this home, this pale blue dot, the "only home we've ever known.”


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      I never heard of this event, it reminds me of the movie "Be Kind, Rewind".
      Edmonton first, everything else second.


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        I saw the poster for that on friday but I didn't see the date.
        It' looked like fun though. Are they going to do another one?


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          I spoke with one of the organizers and she said that it was a grand success and that there is definitely going to be another one and it will be longer than one night.

          I was told that most of the attendees were residents of the surrounding neighbourhoods and many expressed how nice it was to have a safe and welcoming opportunity to get out and walk SPR while feeling part of a community.

          Great event idea. Am interested to see how it and the community evolves.