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  • Get Down E-Town!

    Get Down E-Town!

    Edmonton. Home of the biggest mall in the world. Home of the world’s biggest parking lot. Automatic car starters. The Edmonton Oilers. Still the city of champions. The Eskimos. Festivals. The Arts Community and bars (..on Whyte Ave). Something to celebrate? Absolutely!

    You know the phrase, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”? I think many Edmonton ex pats can relate.

    I grew up in Edmonton and graduated from the University of Alberta. When I graduated, I thought that I should try something new, challenge myself, and move on to bigger and better things. Like many Edmontonians, I thought that what was out there must be better than what was here. So, I moved to Toronto, started my own business and started living the “big city” life.
    I loved the social life, theater, constant concerts, business opportunities and the city skyline which I could see from the rooftop of my downtown condo. And although I do still love those things- I realized that Edmonton has an asset that is often overlooked. It’s people. I have never, in all of my traveling, business dealings and social activities, found people who are more down to earth, genuine and all around nice people.

    Perhaps more shocking than how much I missed Edmonton, was how little Toronto knew about Edmonton. In their minds I had lived on a farm, couldn’t get to school most days because my dog sled was covered in snow and there were about 100,000 of us in Edmonton. Literally. I was shocked. I was asked daily if “I was going to be ok in the big city”!

    After being in Toronto for about nine months a friend of mine and I were reminiscing about the times back home and commenting on the differences between living in Edmonton and Toronto. We thought it would be a lot of fun to get a group of Edmonton Ex-pats together for dinner. We sent out an email to a group of people, expecting a dinner party. What we got was an Edmonton celebration! With very minimal marketing and next to no funds, we threw an event at Wayne Gretzy’s restaurant and had over 350 people show up.

    Throughout the night we played Edmonton trivia, watched a video of the Heritage Classic, had an Edmonton scrapbook that everyone was able to sign their favorite memory of Edmonton in and a map of Edmonton for people to identify where they lived in Edmonton.

    The crowd had University students, Senior Citizens and everything in between. Everyone reminisced and ignored all demographic factors except the fact that we were all from Edmonton.

    Almost a year since Get Down E-Town launched in Toronto, there is still a buzz. There are still people in other countries emailing me asking me when Get Down E-Town is coming to them.

    SO- now is the time. If you live in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto, April is your month. If you live elsewhere and want Get Down E-Town in your city, here is how you can make it happen:

    1- Find a casual venue (a pub atmosphere works best) that will donate space, hopefully a free drink for everyone who comes and some appetizers.
    2- Get in touch with me and I will provide you with the GDET logo and promotional material templates- all you have to do is copy and paste your event details into it.
    3- Ideally, find a sponsor to cover the costs of the event (about $1000 for one event including all marketing materials etc.)
    4- Drop off the marketing materials wherever you can and email them to everyone you know.
    5- Write a press release (you can get a template from me) and send it to all the local media to try to gain some media attention.
    6- Purchase a map of Edmonton and some push pins and at the front door of the event have a host giving away a fact sheet on Edmonton (can be obtained from Edmonton Tourism) and give everyone a push pin to mark their spot on Edmonton.
    7- Purchase some raffle tickets and sell them for $5 for an arm’s length and do a 50/50 draw with half of the proceeds going to a charity within your city. Make the donation from “Edmontonians living in your city”!
    8- Find footage of a great Eskimos or Oilers game and get the venue to play it.
    9- Get the Edmonton Trivia questions from me and run an Edmonton trivia game- the winner receives a donated prize!

    And, for those of you in Canada, come out to the GDET Tour in the following cities on the following dates:

    Edmonton – Get Down E-Town Kick Off! March 31, 2006.
    Calgary- April 1, 2006
    Vancouver- April 11, 2006
    Montreal- April 14, 2006
    Ottawa- April 15, 2006
    Toronto- April 22, 2006

    For event locations and times and to get on the Guest List please email [email protected].

    As I have learnt- we should be proud of what we have in Edmonton and proud of where we came from. We also need to help others understand what we are proud of. We have become a bit of an unknown to the rest of Canada, overshadowed by other cities that, in my opinion, just have louder voices than us. So, lets yell a little, have fun and show other cities in Canada and internationally what Edmonton is really all about.

    Carissa Reiniger
    Founder & President
    Silver Lining Ltd.
    Toronto: 416 850 4859
    Edmonton: 780 239 3113
    [email protected]

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    This is absolutely awesome. I hope you can send this webpage to your attendees so that they can "get down" with us as often as they like!

    I'll be at the March kickoff!
    President and CEO - Airshow.


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      Hi Carissa,

      I look forward to promoting this idea in Nagoya nd eventually Japan. As of right now my partners and I are really busy re-creating our website and hosting our International Mixer Parties. I would assume that we could hosts GDET party as well soon, there seems to be a few Edmontonians over here so it would go over welll in my opinion.

      We are also looking at creating a Heritage Festival modelling after Edmonton's.

      Ohhh so much to do so little time.



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        Cross-country tour to boost E-Town's national profile
        The Edmonton Journal
        Fri 31 Mar 2006
        Page: B7
        Section: CityPlus
        Byline: Archie McLean
        Dateline: EDMONTON
        Source: The Edmonton Journal

        EDMONTON - It's not so much the Edmonton stereotypes that bug Carissa Reiniger -- it's that many of the people she meets in Toronto don't even know enough about Alberta's capital city to form them at all.

        Reiniger, a 23-year-old University of Alberta grad, is hoping to change that. Starting today, she is organizing a series of events across the country for Edmontonians to party at and promote their city.

        The Get Down E-Town tour will make stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, but it kicks off tonight at the Bank Ultra Lounge on Jasper Avenue.

        "There are a lot of Edmontonians who are really, really invested in raising the city's profile," Reiniger said. "The point of (today's) event is really to unite people in Edmonton so they'll feel more motivated to keep spreading the word."

        Reiniger, who was born and raised here, didn't start off with such grand plans. After graduating from the U of A in 2004, she moved to Toronto to work at an ad agency. One night she was reminiscing with friends about Edmonton's charms and they hatched a plan to host a dinner party for the Edmonton diaspora at Reiniger's downtown condo.

        But the guest list soon ballooned, and they were forced to switch the venue to Wayne Gretzky's restaurant downtown. As many as 350 people played Edmonton trivia and watched the Heritage Classic on the big screen. Guests used push-pins to mark their old residences on a giant Edmonton map.

        Since then, Reiniger said she has had e-mails from all over the world asking when Get Down E-Town was coming to their city. So, she recruited some sponsors -- which include Labatts, the City of Edmonton and even the Oilers and Eskimos (who are providing door prizes) -- and hatched the idea for a cross-Canada tour. Mayor Stephen Mandel is planning to attend the event in Toronto in late April.

        When promoting Edmonton, Reiniger said she stresses one thing in particular: "The people -- definitely the people."

        Edmontonians are unfailingly genuine and more laid-back than their eastern counterparts, she said. And with a booming economy, a thriving arts scene and a strong research and development community led by the U of A, Reiniger is optimistic about the city's future. "I don't think Edmonton needs to change very much, we just need to do a better job of telling people what we're doing."

        Reiniger's optimism is exactly the sort of thing that Coun. Kim Krushell loves to see. "I think it's wonderful," she said. "I think we need more people doing that sort of thing."

        Krushell, who is heading a municipal task force called Edmonton's Next Generation, also thinks the city needs to do a better job marketing itself, both from government and from individuals like Reiniger. She also thinks the city is on the verge of a sort of renaissance.

        "I do believe Edmonton's time is now," she said. "People are starting to get the buzz that this is a great city to live in."

        Though she's still living in Toronto for now, Reiniger won't be staying for much longer. When she decided to set up a second office for her consulting company, you can probably guess which city she chose.


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          WOO HOO!!!!!
          President and CEO - Airshow.


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            Haha, this is really cool!

            Nice stuff.


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              i am attending this event tonight...hope to see some of you there.



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                Re: Details for tonights event?

                I know that the event tonight is at The Bank but have received no more details than that.

                I.e. Time?

                Does anyone have more details?

                I am planning on attending but would like a ballpark time!



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                  5:30 - 8 I beleive...
                  President and CEO - Airshow.


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                    Originally posted by RichardS
                    5:30 - 8 I beleive...




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                      Thanks for the 411!

                      I'll be there with bells on....


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                        Re: Thanks for the 411!

                        Originally posted by djgirl
                        I'll be there with bells on....

                        i will listen for them and introduce myself.



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                          I am the "big bear of a man" on crutches...
                          President and CEO - Airshow.


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                            Okay, maybe not exactly bells...

                            I will be the (girl--big stretch here) with cute shoes (checkout the bows) and a pink-checked skirt.

                            I do look forward to meeting the cyber people that also love YEG!!!


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                              See you there!