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I Stand for Law and Order and Fiscal Responsibility

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  • I Stand for Law and Order and Fiscal Responsibility

    I was educated at New York University where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree and Masters Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing and Finance. Several years later I obtained a Law Degree from the University of British Columbia.

    I have been a Chemical Analyst - Labor Relations Manager and contract negotiator, for both Multi National and Crown Corporations, Prosecutor and Defense Council.

    In my view the city administration is a nightmare and needs a turn around just like any corporation that is failing. It seems that every time you turn around you are paying more money and I believe that is because the city has grown very quickly and has outpaced the skill set of the current council and administration. The people I talk to list PROPERTY TAX AND FEES as their main concern. The reality is that most people live from paycheck to paycheck, have little ability to put money aside for retirement and would be in a difficult position if they were to miss a paycheck.

    Increases in taxes would probably mean they would lose their homes. Tax increases will also mean an increase in rent as landlords pass along the costs. Small business would leave because of the triple net leases they have and the passing along of costs.

    In short, because the council has been unable to control spending we are sitting on a deficit of about 1.3 billion dollars + interest, with no way to pay that off without substantial increases in taxes. (See the auditor generals report

    Arena - no public funds. Daryl Katz is the 11th wealthiest person in Canada. He just bought the Edmonton Oilers, if he did his due diligence he knew the problems, if any. I say do not come to City hall now with your hand out. The reality is that most NHL franchises lose money. That is not why these people buy them. Check below and remember any arena built in the US goes through a plebiscite program. (Who owns the arenas

    Airport – dead issue for now but the elections may change that.
    And now for some American politics as some of the candidates like to say: That means please don’t take shots at me it hurts my feelings.


    We have 4 in this ward.

    Louis Sobolewski – an auditor for Revenue Canada. In my experience certain types of personalities go into certain professions. My experience in dealing with Revenue Canada, for my clients, is that their auditors are neither rational, reasonable, or conciliatory and they don’t give a damn about the law. They are mean, arrogant, unlikable people. This is a personality and a person you do not want and don’t need as a friend, and you definitely do not want as a councilor.

    Terry Demers - what can you say, she lives about 40 km away from ward 3. She might as well live in St. Albert and come in on a hang glider. This woman will do little if anything for you. She simply lacks the experience and was anything but an executive assistant in the true sense of the title. She says she will work hard. Ok, who won’t? What you need you is someone who knows what they are doing and she does not. She is going to strengthen communities, bring people together and make them safe. Yea then will sit around a campfire eating the special brownies that we use to bake and sing koom by ya. Tell me, if you were filling the position by hire rather than election, would you hire her. I think not.

    Dave Loken - is probably a nice guy but has lost 2 times before. Why break a perfect record? For your own self interest make it 3 times. He is a civic employee, and union rep. which unfortunately means he is probably part of the problem at city hall. He claims to be a union negotiator. Let me tell you something, I have spoken with him and he knows little if anything about contract negotiation at any significant level. He has studied Political Science. Here is a basic curriculum from the best school in the country. (Gender Social Problems and Social Change, Family Law and Social Policy, Canadian Politics, An analysis of the Canadian political system, Comparative Politics, International Politics, Political Theory, Power and Public Policy). What does any of this have to do with running a city? Not a thing and his employment in the sewage department probably gives you some indication of the value of his education. Do Dave a favor and send him packing. Maybe after three strikes he will just go away.

    Hatem Naboulsi
    - is probably a likeable guy but without any original ideas. His list of “I want to do this” sounds like motherhood ranting. Control taxes, build on community strengths, encourage responsibility and accountability. Ok Hatem how? I know how but I don’t get the impression that you do.

    The others I will deal with later.

    Thanks for listening.

    -- Michael Suess, bsc mba llb