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    My name is Gerry Horn. I am happily married with 3 school age children. My parents immigrated to Canada after WWII. Born in Edmonton, and having lived mainly in Millwoods since 1973, I am acquainted with developments in Edmonton and area. I worked in construction in his early adult life. Then went back to school and completed 2 programs at NAIT: Building Construction and Computer Technology. The past 15 years has worked in software support for medical offices.

    I have experienced 2 major economic booms, and well aware and grateful for the special privileges and responsibilities we have in this province. My wife grew up on a farm near Lloydminster. With 3 kids in school, evenings are often quite hectic ... trying to get homework done, 3 football practices + 1 game on the week end + yard work etc. The point I am trying to make is, I may not always be able to respond quickly.

    What makes Edmonton a good city to live in?
    It is communities where people with like interests can be free to pursue their own happiness. Whether it is through commerce, sports, education, or art; the commitments and sacrifices of ordinary citizens and families is what makes the community strong and of great value.

    We are concerned that the quality of life in our communities is deteriorating. While there are new projects and developments coming up, the older areas are not getting the attention to maintenance issues they need. People are working harder just to make ends meet, and while opportunities abound, the path is getting narrower.

    Government growth seems out of control. Property taxes and utility increases far out strip the inflation rate. Every year we are told the crime statistics are trending down – yet we are skeptical.

    As ratepayers we now pay more for utilities in summer, than we used to pay in the harsh winter months just a few years ago. Housing prices are barely stable, but the high cost of ownership is causing stress for ratepayers of limited means.
    Provincial deficits lead me to think civic funding will not increase automatically … leaving more debt for our children and us.

    I hope this gives a sense of who I am.

    Thank you.

    -- Gerry Horn

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    There is already a thread setup for your Gerry: