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  • Have you hosted a Front Room Forum yet?

    Are you one of the dozens of Edmontonians who have hosted or attended a Front Room Forum? If not, you still have time to get involved and get your views heard about Edmonton's people services! Your views will be used to inform the creation of Edmonton's first People Plan.

    What's a Front Room Forum? It's a way of getting residents who are more comfortable talking about city issues with family and friends around the kitchen table or coffee table to do just that.

    Why does the City want you to host or attend one?

    Because we need the input of people like you to help inform the creation of The Way We Live: Edmonton's People Plan . Think of this long rang, strategic plan as our north star -- a guide that will set direction when it comes to making decisions about the people services that contribute to our quality of life. It will help us look at current and future program and service needs and requests and ask ourselves -- does this specific initiative bring us closer to the kind of City Edmontonians say they want to live in?

    This plan has its roots in the City Vision. Edmonton City Council established a City Vision with the input of thousands of residents. The City Vision is a creative description of the city we want Edmonton to become in 2040.

    The Way Ahead: Edmonton's Strategic Plan outlines six 10-year goals to help make our vision a reality. The Way We Live: Edmonton's People Plan will advance and support the goal of improving livability.

    What's livabiltiy about? The sense of community in our neighbourhoods. The safety of our city. The opportunity we all have to access affordable, recreational opportunities. It's about how we use and access our open spaces and parks.

    It's about how attractive our city is, how we respect and preserve our heritage, cultivate our arts and cultural communities and make our city affordable.

    Which is where you and the Front Room Forums come in.

    You simply set a date, invite friends, neighbours or members of your service organization to attend, then call the City at 780-496-7898 to register your forum. We'll send you a coupon for a large pizza to help your conversation along.

    Then you go to and download the Front Room Forum Discussion Guide and use the three questions to guide the conversation. They are:

    • Why is building a healthy, safe and livable city important to you?

    • What services currently available in the City of Edmonton are important to the quality of life you, our family and your friends will enjoy into the future. Please explain.

    • What do you feel will be the greatest service needs in Edmonton in the future? Please explain.

    You capture the key points discussed. Then send them back to the City.
    We know how busy Edmontonians are, so we want to offer the Front Room Forums as a way of extending our public consultation on this plan. You can have your forum at a time that suits you. Or you can go to to give us your feedback 24/7.

    It's your choice.

    In February we'll have a draft of the plan. We'll publish that to our website and Edmontonians will again be asked for the feedback.

    This is all about shaping the quality of life that is important to all of us. So I urge you -- host a Front Room Forum. It's a great way to get to know your friends, neighbours and family better. And to take the conversations we all have about our city and feed them back to city decision makers.

    -- Paul Loosely

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    Who pays for the beer? If my friends are involved, it can add up. Though we do drink the cheap stuff.

    Seriously, I think this is a very interesting approach, and I'll think about hosting one. It could be fun, and, hopefully, enlightening.
    aka Jim Good; "The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up." - Steven Wright


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      Something tells Top_Dawg that there will be more than a few good ol' boys washing down said pizza with copious amounts of beer come Monday Night Football.

      Compliments of CoE.


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        This idea sounds like a fun way to get together with friends to discuss what we want Edmonton to be for ourselves, our children and our grand-kids. I don't mind that a few of my tax dollars are being spent on pizza to "feed" the conversation. Sign me up!