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C2E thread now dEdmonton — Canada's Halloween festival!

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  • C2E thread now dEdmonton — Canada's Halloween festival!

    A little over one year ago dEdmonton was born as a lunch-hour musing on C2E. Now it has grown into a not-for-profit dedicated to the celebration of Halloween in and around Edmonton. Our goal is to promote Halloween-related events and organizations, and to turn the whole of October into a celebration of the mischievously morbid and macabre. “The More…The Scarier” is our motto, and we have tirelessly dug up all-things Halloween – from fiendishly fun family activities; to devilishly diverse nightlife; to horror happenings. We've stitched, bolted and brought them all together to give Festival City another attraction, and we will reanimate Edmonton as the Halloween Capital of Canada!

    View images of the Capital Ex Parade >>

    dEdmonton truly burst forth into the world with the 2009 Capital Ex Parade. With the help of the Edmonton Bonewagon Association; the River City Zombie Committee; Karrie's Costumes; Bloody the Clown; Freezone Zedmonton disaster preparedness group; and DEDfest: Hellberta's Horror Festival, we created Halloween in July. And then we took the show on the road around the province to parades in Vegreville, Lamont, Spruce Grove and Westlock.

    View all our Events on our Calendar >>

    Now Halloween is fast approaching, and we want to help you to make the most of the scariest month. Our Events Calendar has over 100 events taking place throughout the month - from the corn maze to horror movies to a night at the symphony there is something for everyone. If you can't decide what costume is right for you, or if you are looking for that perfect prop to complete your haunted house then our list of all the spooky Retailers will help you celebrate dEdmonton in style.

    Speaking of haunted houses, every year frightfully fun Haunted Houses and Grisly Graveyards rise throughout the city - sometimes in the most unexpected of places. That's why we have created dEdmonton's Most Haunted. We want everyone to know about all these E-ville extreme makeovers; whether they are across town or just down the block. So plan a tour of dEdmonton’s Most Haunted, or add one of these mansions of the macabre to your route for trick-or-treating. And since many of these amateur abattoirs collect donations for the Food Bank you can scare yourself silly while supporting a good cause.

    Halloween offers many other opportunities to do good while being bad. The River City Zombie Committee are using their Zombie Walk on the 16th as a fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank - to feed their food, as it were. On Halloween St. Albert and Clyde will both be filling hearses with food for the Food Bank. The Haunted Hike in Sherwood park is raising money for the Stollery Childrens Hospital. The Scarecrow Festival for ABC Headstart is now in its amazing 17th year at Northlands from the 16-18. Elves Special Needs Society are bringing Mardi Gras to the Mayfield with their Masquerade Ball on the 24th. ACTSS' 9th Annual Halloween Extravaganza on the 23rd for pet cancer therapy gives you a chance to put your pets in costume and take them out for a night on the town. And if you don't have a pet, then dress yourself up and join the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton for a fun-run through Hawrelak Park on the 25th. Canadian Blood Services is also having a month-long blood drive, and since the vampires are going to get you anyway you might as well make a visit to CBS first. With all that and more, the Halloween season really is all about giving.

    We have also started the search for the very first Miss dEdmonton. We are looking for the most gorgeously gruesome and delectably decaying damsel in all of dEdmonton. The winner will be selected on October 13th, and will be outfitted in a Corset, Crown and Converse, courtesy Sweet Carousel, Karrie's Costumes and Divine, as well as other prizes from Amber’s Brewing, amokphoto and Rowena. Miss dEdmonton will be our spokesperson for the coming year - including a "Nightmare Before Christmas" themed entry in the Santa Claus parade this December.

    So have you planned you October yet?


    -- Rona Anderson, Kenn Bur, Derek Clayton, Christian Nelson, Darryl Plunkie

    The dEdmonton Board of Directors
    email – [email protected]
    Follow dEdmonton on Twitter
    dEdmonton on Facebook
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    Originally posted by NoreneS View Post
    Corset, Crown and Converse, courtesy Sweet Carousel, Karrie's Costumes
    ah, sweet alliteration.


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      I'll just add in some handy links for anyone who's interested in more information:

      Zombie Walk on the 16th
      R.I.P Hunger in St. Albert on the 31st
      Haunted House in Clyde on the 31st
      Haunted Hike in Sherwood Park starting on the 9th
      Scarecrow Fest for ABC Headstart from the 16-18
      Petstravaganza for ACTSS on the 23rd
      Masquerade Ball for Elves Special Needs Society on the 24th
      Halloween Funrun for Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton on the 25th

      And those are just some of the Charity Events. There's lots and lots more in the overall Events Calendar
      (honestly too many. Once you get there it's easier to filter by AllAges/Horror/Nightlife)

      Find out how scary your neighbours are with dEdmonton's Most Haunted

      Celebrate Halloween in style with the best of Edmonton's Spooky Shopping

      And the finals of the Miss dEdmonton contest are on Oct 13th at 6:66PM at the Arts Barns. All are welcome - the More, the Scarier!


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        Awesome! I can't wait to see the end results of all your hard work this year.

        Congrats to the Council of E-ville and your supporters!
        President and CEO - Airshow.


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          very nice.


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            To Newfangled and all involved

            Execellent job

            I am impressed to see some folks doing something to make things happen rather than just talking about it.

            The Aviation Museum had hoped to be involved this year but unfortunately other things got in the way...if I decide to stay I promise for next year.

            Most impressed at all the good work



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              And a bit more (oversized) information:

              Screams, Spooky Skills, Celebrity Judges, and Slightly Challenging Trivia!!!


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                And because they're kindof fun, screencaps of recent maps:


                dEdmonton's Most Haunted


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                  Originally posted by Edmonton Journal
                  Susan Brune, a self-described "antisocial basement-dweller" with a penchant for horror movies, is not your typical beauty queen.

                  But then, the Miss dEdmonton contest is not your typical beauty pageant.
                  Tonight, seven spectacularly spooky contestants will vie for the first-time title, which includes a role as the official "spooksperson" for the city's inaugural dEdmonton festival. The festival features more than 100 horror-and Halloween-themed events throughout the month of October.

                  President and CEO - Airshow.


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                    Photos to come later. For now though:

                    First Miss dEdmonton Crowned

                    Under a blood-red spotlight and with a bouquet of black roses the winner of the first-ever Miss dEdmonton Contest was crowned on October 13th. Joey Tramer massacred the competition with her combination of gruesomely gorgeous good looks, a terrifying command of Halloween knowledge, her ability to make even a painting bleed, and a scream that could raise the dead.

                    It was a battle to the undeath as the contestants competed for prizes from Amber’s Brewing, amokphoto, Ghoul Friday, Hallowindow, and Rowena – and for the ultimate honour of the crown, corset and converse from Karrie's Costumes, Sweet Carousel and Divine. The judging panel consisted of Scott Mckeen from the Edmonton Journal, Angelika Gawronski from Shaw TV, and Mike Kendrick for the Gateway at the University of Alberta. Out of the three rounds and five finalists, only the vampire contestant named Darkrose achieved the coveted perfect score of 6-6-6 for her combination of poetry with sword-fighting.

                    Now that Miss dEdmonton has been unearthed the Halloween season can truly begin!

                    The new Miss dEdmonton will cut the inaugural intestine at the River City Zombie Committee’s Zombie Prom II – happening this Friday October 16th. It will start at 7:00PM in McIntyre Park in Old Strathcona, and then lurch along Whyte Avenue to Downtown. For the un-un-dead makeup demonstrations will be taking place starting at 5:00PM in the Arts Barns. So show up early in your finest tatters, let the makeup wizards work their macabre magic, and then stagger over to join the Zombie Hordes!

                    If the Zombie walk wasn’t enough, Miss dEdmonton will be taking in DEDfest: Hellberta’s Horror Festival – running all weekend at the Metro Cinema theatre in the Citadel. And if horror really isn’t your style then you can join the denizens of dEdmonton at ABC Headstart’s Scarecrow Festival – now in it’s 17th year at the Edmonton Expo Centre this weekend.

                    Events | Shopping | Giving | dEdmonton's Most Haunted


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                      I should have my pics up this evening, after the dayjob consumes its daily ration of soul...
                      Giving less of a damn than ever… Can't laugh at the ignorant if you ignore them!


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                        I saw the pic of the 5 contestants on today's Journal front page. I definitely would have picked either Joey or Susan, so thumbs-up to the judges.
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                          ^ thankfully that decision was in the hands of our experienced judges.

                          So again a big thanks to Scott Mckeen, Angelika Gawronski (whose name I still can't pronounce), and Mike Kendrick. They were tough but fair (and always entertaining).

                          And thanks noodle who shot the event, and who donated a photoshoot for the winner courtesy amokphoto.

                          And to Amber’s Brewing, Divine, Ghoul Friday, Hallowindow, Karrie's Costumes, Rowena and Sweet Carousel - who all helped our winner walk away with a grabbag of goodies. I think lots of people are especially excited to see that custom corset the sweet carousel comes up with.

                          And a huge, huge thanks to all the contestants - Brandy, Sarah, Joey, Souxie, Roxy, Dark Rose, and Erin. Their videos can all be viewed here, and we'll be getting some photos up shortly. This was just Year 1, though. Only 322 short days until entries open for the 2010 Miss dEdmonton contest.

                          And to Fringe Theatre Adventures who provided the venue.

                          Was anyone at the event? Anyone with comments or suggestions? (we did have some technical difficulties that sucked a bit of the life from the first half unfortunately)


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                            And the journal's online article is up here:

                            Miss dEdmonton winner Joey Tramer (EllDeadwood)
                            Photograph by: Bruce Edwards,

                            Joey Tramer, alias EllDeadwood, won the Miss dEdmonton pageant on Tuesday night.

                            She beat out Dark Rose, Roxy Glasscock, Brandy-Jo Ewashko (Miss Mutilation MD), Susan Brune (Spooky Souxie) and others in the competition, held at the Westbury Theatre...
                            More photos at the link.

                            And Mastermaq has a writeup too here.

                            Hopefully noodle got some good shots of the glass shards sticking out of Joey's forehead?


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                              And Scott Mckeen cuts right to the heart of the matter in his latest column:

                              You read that right. Miss dEdmonton is single and available. The line forms over there, just between the darkness and the light.
                              Zombie walk tonight starting at 7 in Gazebo Park!

                              Makeup demos starting at 5 in the Arts Barns!

                              The zombies are asking for donations for the Edmonton Food Bank - gotta keep the food fed.