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C2E's 100th column and incorporation mark the start of new era!

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  • C2E's 100th column and incorporation mark the start of new era!

    As I sit and draft out the 100th column for C2E, it is a great time to reflect on where we’ve been, and where we are going.

    We continue to be amazed at the overall quality of the discussions and the overall focused and purposeful passion exhibited by the membership. Yes, there have been a few sidetracks, sidewinders, and sliders, but the general consensus is that C2E is the place for information on Edmonton - at least from the standpoint of people and organizations who take the time to give us face to face feedback.

    As all forums and communities mature, some grow stronger, some decide that the nest is not for them, others grow weary, and some just sit and watch from the sidelines. C2E is no different. Members are always the masters of their domain and can choose to participate or not. We continue to grow, new people still sign up, and discussions do appear.

    This does not mean that C2E’s founding members have rested on their laurels. Additionally, this does not mean that the “parents” of C2E per se have ignored this child nor recognized that the endeavour is growing up or changing. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

    We have had our share of technology and hosting problems. The reality of a not-for-profit site run by volunteers using their own money it that you are beholden to your friends and benefactors – not that this is a bad thing, it just is what it is. We don’t have the freedom to implement new features at our choosing, we cannot troubleshoot database and other errors to the level we want, and we are slightly handcuffed to the outages they provide (as noticed by the unplanned outage – we were a forgotten entity). Additionally, we found ourselves being somewhat overly cautious given some of our partners.

    Today is a new day. We are now up and running on a completely autonomous world on many levels, but especially 2 major ones.

    The first is a direct result of the recent 2 day outage. We are now on our own servers, our domain and several alternates are owned by us, and we have complete and total back office access to our database and source code. This is a great relief to us as we can now resolve the database errors that plagued the forum for months, as well as upgrade at will. Additionally, launching of new value add services are completely under our own domain.

    Secondly, we have indisputable autonomy in the management, operation, and leadership of Connect2Edmonton. We are now an Incorporated Non-Profit Society in Alberta – Connect2Edmonton Board of Directors Inc. We have a 5 member equal voice board, and our steering committee is now an advisory board. This is an important distinction as we no longer can be remotely accused of being an agent of or for the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Airports, the Chamber of Commerce, or the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. Even though these valuable partners never once forced us to change anything, the appearance of the possibility of a conflict of interest did cause us and others some concern.

    These 2 major moves allow us to aggressively move forward on many items that have sat long stagnant until now. Items such as:

    1. Interactive events
    2. Subscriber services (value add applications)
    3. Devising a reviews section (restaurants, etc)
    4. Mapping applications
    5. Key contributors sections
    6. A redesigned front end portal
    7. Etc.

    We know many people here look at C2E as a source of information on Edmonton. That is not good enough for the Board. We want to be THE source of information on Edmonton, on things to do in Edmonton, and where visitors and locals alike feel free to express both the pride in and the need to improve our wonderful community. When we first set off on this journey, we were very purposeful in our approach to not be a site full of pabulum, but a site that is truly an extension of a community. Passion means that all topics, all opinions, all sides, and all borders are up for discussion. There are enough sugar coated sites in the city – we want to present all of Edmonton.

    With this new structure, we are extremely excited to the possibility that the full vision of C2E can now come to fruition. We sincerely thank you for your participation, and we look forward to providing you a service you cannot turn away!


    Connect2 Edmonton Board of Directors
    Time to grow up.

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    A big thank-you to the C2E Directors for the work you do on this site. I enjoy the opportunity to discuss anything related to Edmonton with other passionate people and find this to be very valuable! Thanks for sharing your vision for the site and I'm particularly excited about the "Reviews" Section idea!


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      Congrats! Sounds to me like C2E has grown past its incubation stage and is already walking on its own.
      Strathcona City Separatist


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        Looks like you are now a company - not profit one wink. I appreciate all the work you, Ceres, and other administrators have put into this site especially cause I know it must take a lot out of your personal life (sometimes).

        C2E is really one of my favourite sites, and I really want to thank the C2E administration for that, because without you guys, there'd be no C2E.

        C2E seems to be more than just a forum or a website, it feels like a tight knit community, and few forums out there have that.


        I'm looking forward to the new changes especially Reviews section and mapping thing. I wonder what Key contributor stuff will be !

        Good luck in the future with C2E!


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          Congratulations to all those involved in developing and running such a successful endeavor.

          Thanks to all administrators and board members for all your hard work. I look forward to being a part of the upcoming innovations. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the ongoing development and improvement of the city I love.


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            My little C2E is now walking. I think I've been on this board for around 4 years now. Over that time I've watched it grow from infant stage to now walking. It's been a fun journey and looking forward to watching the journey continue.