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  • DIYcity

    Edmontonians, you're invited to playfully reimagine and improve a public space on June 21.

    Imagine a lonely alleyway, or unloved park, or bare concrete space. How much time do you want to spend there?

    Now imagine an alleyway with light and art. A park with seating and shade. An open space with colour and a bit of humour. What do these embellishments have in common? They draw people to spend time somewhere they would otherwise pass by.

    There are spaces all over Edmonton that need a fun, quick, temporary, low-cost makeover. They need your imagination, effort and hands.

    Think about pop-up parks, public art, seating, chalk murals, light, mini-events, yarn bombing, signage, impromptu playgrounds, and moveable planters.

    If together we stage dozens of small creative experiments – often called tactical urbanism, pop-up urbanism, urban intervention or temporary placemaking – around Edmonton it will highlight opportunities for improvement and bring delight to previously ignored spaces.
    “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012