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Idea of solar pathways for our city?

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  • Idea of solar pathways for our city?

    Dutch solar road makes enough energy to power household

    I saw this video article this morning and I thought that this could be a good idea for some bike and walking paths here in the city.
    LRT is our future, time to push forward.

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    ^similar idea here:

    Dutch one looks like a bit further along. I'd think it would make sense to get this stuff working well in warmer climates first, like down in the US South where no snow issues or similar. Problem is many US cities don't have bike pathways...


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      Or we could spend a fraction of the money to just put them on the roof where they will last longer.

      Simple = best. Solar is great for the opportunity for microgeneration. We don't need giant extravagant infrastructure. We need to reduce energy usage, and generate it at the point of use.


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        Well the nice thing with the dutch version of this is that they are going small first and testing the merits. I think they could try this on a 1 or 2 block stretch of multi-use trail coming into the downtown area. I can imagine if bike paths and trails would be done the longevity of the panels could be greatly extended.
        LRT is our future, time to push forward.


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          Would this be used to power the path lighting? Seems like the only legit use.
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              World's First 'Solar Panel Road' Opens in France
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