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C2E announces top-10 ‘great ideas’ for Edmonton

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    "Great minds..."
    Connecting Edmonton
    by Lawrence Herzog
    Inside Edmonton | Vol. 25 No. 38 *| September 20, 2007

    Mentions lights plus is a very interesting article about the origins of c2e.

    January 13, 2013
    The city of Edmonton could use a little lesson in cost-effective PR
    By Terence Harding
    Metro Edmonton

    "Last May, I wrote a column about the 100th anniversary of the High Level Bridge. I opined that we should do something to celebrate its significance as one of only three of its type in Canada. I also suggested that lighting it was in order and that it should be done with LED lights or fibre optics because both use less electricity.

    Imagine my shock and awe when the city started discussing doing exactly that last week.

    However, I was even more surprised with the reporting on where the idea had come from. According to one news outlet, the mayor asked city staff for options last October after ATB Financial CEO Dave Mowat suggested lining the bridge with LEDs during a Pecha Kucha creative forum. Really? I suppose it’s possible Mowat and I came up with exactly the same idea as a way of celebrating the bridge’s 100th anniversary. And I guess my column isn’t one of the things the mayor reads in the clippings package he no doubt receives every day.

    The origin of the idea aside, ..."
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      Hello there,
      My name is Lenhard Harlingten. I have been wanting to share an idea about a project that would definitely put Edmonton on the map.
      The basic idea is simple: we have an Ice District centering on the hockey world . What about a Solar District? centering in solar theme. Imagine if we could get local builders to display solar roofing (solar city 5 type of roofing tiles) on their show homes as a demonstration and option for the house buyers. Now an ideal place for the Solar District would be on the old city airport. Imagine a cull the sac with 5 showhomes from different builders in a designated area. All king of solar project can evolve from there. It would connect Edmonton to California, Elon Musk as he own Solar City and other project. It would be a nice showcase for what is possible and would definitely show an other aspect of the Albertan.
      So i am basically looking for a few people that would be interested to develop the idea, a kind of stearing committe so we can approach the city and some builders and see where it leads.

      Any suggestion?
      to get the idea, you can go to youtube, search for Elon Musk Solar roofing. You will see a video demonstrating the solar roofing tiles. The showhome are in the cull the sac with the 4 types of roofing tiles.
      You also see the panel storing the electricity, a Tesla in the garage, etc.

      The idea is not a promotion for Musk. It is more looking at creating a buz for Edmonton, like Ice district, , The Katz Group/Oilers
      It create a hub attracting all kind of economical activities.

      Imagine the oil country initiating such a display for the future; we can draw research, tech company, world connection.
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        Neat idea. Cities everywhere are jumping at the chance to be among those that test self-driving cars so why not new solar.