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'Great Ideas for a Greater Edmonton' Contest Summary

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  • 'Great Ideas for a Greater Edmonton' Contest Summary

    1. Airport

    a) International Airport
    • ETS service to the airport
    • Buy underused city buses and convert them to affordable airport shuttles

    b)City Centre Airport
    • Close most of the runways at City Centre Airport and build a permanent CHAMP car race track

    2. Architecture

    Architectural Icon
    • Recognizable from afar
    • Suspension bridge into downtown
    • New skyscraper

    3. Arena

    • Build new arena downtown, Jasper East
    • Multi-use facility including: restaurants, condominiums, casino, office space
    • Underground parking

    4. Attracting Business

    • Identify and target companies that complement the region (i.e. foreign oil companies looking for a Canadian subsidiary)
    • Target companies without a Canadian office rather than trying to lure established head offices away from other Canadian cities

    5. Bridges

    a) High Level Bridge
    • Suspend a restaurant, gallery or viewing center from the bridge to maximize river valley views
    • Summer-only café to minimize the need for parking and encourage pedestrian traffic

    b) Signature Bridge
    • Suspension bridge connecting Calgary Trail to 105th Street
    • Rebuild James MacDonald bridge with creative architecture and design
    • Rebuild Walterdale Bridge to accommodate increased traffic volumes

    6. Churchill Square

    • Additional lighting required along the perimeter of the square
    • Big screens broadcasting advertisements and CBC broadcasts outside City Centre Mall on the edge of the square
    • Utilize square year-round with a winter festival

    7. Cleaner Edmonton

    • Community clean-up contests
    • Involve larger corporations in clean-up efforts
    • Fines for those who litter on city streets and sidewalks
    • Larger garbage cans with lids that are emptied often
    • More ashtrays outside to minimize cigarette butts along the sidewalk

    8. Conventions and Conferences

    Space Exploration Convention
    • Build reputation as a hotspot for the space industry and related academia
    • Bid for a joint convention on space exploration by the Mars Society and the National Space Society. Organize related activities (i.e. IMAX films, lectures etc)

    9. Cultural

    a) Aboriginal Culture
    • Establish an Aboriginal Cultural Village modelled after the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
    • Establish an indigenous peoples’ art gallery in Rossdale recognition of Edmonton’s large aboriginal population

    b) Second Language Acquisition Centre
    • Establish a centre where people can learn a second language by conversing with native-speaking individuals

    10. Downtown Edmonton

    a) Retailers
    • Pedestrian-friendly establishments rather than bland big-box retailers
    • Architectural standards for exterior including: glass façades and interesting design
    • Upscale and urban grocery store (i.e. Sobeys) in the downtown core
    • Reduce the number of money-marts and pawn shops in the downtown core; replace with: upscale storefront retailers (i.e. Lulu Lemon, Milestones, Moxies, Running Room, Banana Republic, Adidas) to encourage traffic downtown
    • Reduce number of car dealerships on Jasper Avenue leading into downtown
    • Addition of major movie theatre (i.e. Silver City or Cineplex)

    11. Downtown Towers

    • Strict architectural guidelines
    • Mixed use towers including street level shops, office space and residences

    12. Festivals

    a) Winter Festival

    b) Capital Ex
    • Design contest to encourage better quality parade-floats
    • Corporate sponsorship for parade floats

    13. Foliage

    • Plant trees along Jasper Avenue and throughout the downtown core
    • Additional trees and flowers needed along Gateway Blvd. and other major entrances to the city
    • Corporate competition among local business to sponsor tree and/or flower planting along major thoroughfares

    14. Media

    • Establish more talk-radio stations to rival existing commentators

    15. Parking

    • Pave downtown parking lots
    • Additional attendants needed at downtown parking lots to minimize car theft

    16. Promoting Edmonton

    a) Slogan
    • Avoid emphasizing “affordability” in promotional slogans – connotes cheapness and a discount mentality
    • Accentuate Edmonton’s unique characteristics (i.e. education, arts, culture, entertainment, athletics, world-class events, technology and innovation)
    • Exemplify similarities between Canada’s largest cities and Edmonton (i.e. theatre, symphony etc) to show that Edmonton possesses every major amenity and attraction

    b) Promotion
    • Minimize comparisons to Calgary
    • Establish a common vision for the city
    • Research Edmonton’s greatest strengths and emphasize what makes the city unique
    • Distribute brochures to local citizens on a quarterly basis to inform them of changes and improvements to the city

    c) Campaign
    • national marketing campaign
    • Research and establish which populations that Edmonton should target in their advertising (i.e. executives, students, trade workers, healthcare professionals, young families, etc.)

    d) Improve promotion of local amenities to suburban populations

    17. Public Art

    a) Entrances to the City
    • Statues and/or monuments upon entering the city that are symbolic of Edmonton’s heritage (i.e. an Arch over the highway at the Gateway Visitor Information Centre signifying Edmonton as the “Gateway to the North”)

    b) Murals along the Whitemud Freeway
    • Commission local artists to create murals showcasing Edmonton cityscapes on the walls that line the freeway

    c) Edmonton Sculpture Park
    • Grounds surrounding the Muttart Conservatory
    • Showcase local sculptors and artists

    18. Redevelopment/Revitalization

    a) Capilano Mall
    • Demolish or renovate the existing mall into a mixed-use facility including retail, restaurants, residential and office space (Transit Oriented Development)
    • Expand ETS serving the area
    • Consider re-locating or removing the Wal-Mart altogether
    • Refrain from opening quick-cash stores, bingo halls and liquor stores
    • Accommodate seniors population by adding clinic, pharmacy or activity centre

    b) Convert back alleys into pedestrian friendly walkways like Rice Howard Way

    19. River Valley

    • River taxis
    • Riverside refreshment stands during the summer months to accommodate joggers, golfers, cyclists etc
    • Establish more public promenade’s along the river valley’s edge

    20. Rossdale

    • Redevelop into a multi-purpose neighbourhood, incorporating restaurants, retailers and residences into the area
    • Establish a museum of modern industry to showcasing the progression of technology from the 1800’s
    • Create a condensed cultural complex integrating theatres, galleries and museums
    • Remove smokestacks that obstruct views of downtown
    • Relocate the Edmonton Queen launch closer to Rossdale
    • Preserve aboriginal burial ground and heritage
    • International architectural design competition for redeveloping the neighborhood

    21. Sporting and Athletics

    a) Sports Hall of Fame
    • Incorporate into new downtown arena
    • Add sports-themed restaurant adjacent to the museum
    • Organize exhibits by sport (i.e. hockey, football), famous athletes (i.e. Messier, Lori-Ann Muenzer), sporting events (i.e. Commonwealth Games, Heritage Classic)

    b) Bid to host the 2008 NHL all-star game

    c) Bid to host an NFL pre-season game at Commonwealth Stadium

    22. Streets of Significance

    a) 124th St/High Street
    • More restaurants, retailers and residences in the area
    • Promote art galleries
    • Restore dilapidated apartment complexes in the area
    • Eliminate money markets and loan shops
    • Increased awareness of local retailers through advertisements and street signage

    b) 118th Ave/Alberta Ave
    • Minimize pawn shops and encourage retailers that appeal to young families to open in the area
    • Repave the area between 82nd and 97th Streets

    c) Rice Howard Way
    • Pedestrian traffic only
    • Increased lighting along the street

    d) 107 Ave (Avenue of Nations)
    • Nurture the establishment of cultural restaurants and retailers
    • Connect cultural neighbourhoods (i.e. Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Africa) by transit route and include information about each area’s history.

    23. Tourism

    a) International Visitors
    • Accommodate international tourists by providing information about Edmonton-attractions in different languages
    • Promote attractions beyond West Edmonton Mall. International tourists will not travel to see a shopping mall, instead, focus resources on Edmonton’s natural beauty (i.e. river valley, Elk Island), arts and culture (i.e. Fringe Festival, Folk Festival, Heritage Festival, possible winter festival) and history (Fort Edmonton Park)

    24. Traffic

    a) Crosswalk Safety
    • Illuminate crosswalks with overhead lights or reflective tape
    • Jasper Ave. and Whyte Ave. are particularly dangerous for pedestrians and increased visibility should be considered immediately
    • All crosswalks should be signaled by flashing amber lights

    b) Eliminate “hairpin” turns from Gateway Blvd. to Saskatchewan Drive

    c) Mandatory drivers test every five years

    d) Traffic Safety Campaign
    • Regular public safety announcements about defensive driving
    • Focus on skills such as proper yielding and merging that are less publicized
    • Increased police presence to minimize traffic violations

    e)Raise the speed limit on Whitemud Freeway

    25. Transit

    • Free LRT service during the lunch hour on weekdays (especially in the winter) for government and office workers who want to shop and/or eat in the downtown core
    • Expand LRT service to West Edmonton Mall
    • Expand LRT service to Edmonton International Airport
    • Fixed-rail system (streetcar) throughout the downtown core

    26. Winter Activities

    • Outdoor kiosks serving hot beverages
    • City-hosted bonfires at local parks
    • Actively promote winter sports and activities such as cross-country skiing, ice-skating, ice-fishing, etc. for families and young adults
    • Capitalize on “Heartland of Hockey” image and start an amateur street hockey tournament

    27. Wireless Internet

    • Begin with downtown wireless access, consider city-wide access if pilot project successful
    • Corporate sponsorship (similar to Toronto Hydro sponsoring wireless service in Toronto)
    • Charge a nominal fee for access to the Internet

    28. World’s Fair

    • In recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017
    • Co-ordinate with Calgary, Red Deer, Banff and Jasper
    • “Expo Alberta”
    • Locate pavilions at Blatchford Field or in the area surrounding Commonwealth Stadium

    29. Zoo

    • Zoo needs to be professionally maintained
    • Consider relocating the zoo to a more central location

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