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  • Good gyms to visit for a day


    Now that winter will soon be approaching, I was wondering if anybody knows of a good gym to use for a single day pass. I know the Y, you can pay to use for a visit. But that does not give you access to the steam room ( steam room, sauna, hot tub is a must )

    The rec centres are not too bad, they tend to get very busy in winter. I have used the Radisson ( Coast Terrace ) a few times, and it's pretty good. Just curious if anybody has got some good ideas.


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    Meadows has a very nice facility. Its not too busy, and has some of the amenity you cite albeit I'm not 100% sure on the steamroom/sauna. Those are increasingly phased out of designs.
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      Thanks for the reply, I have never tried the Meadows. Maybe I should at least try it out some day. When it's -30, a steam room and sauna is just great !