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Spalled concrete driveway fixes

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  • Spalled concrete driveway fixes

    Anyone have good and bad experiences trying to patch up spalling on their driveways?

    Products and preparation experience?

    On my front driveway I was thinking I’d just power wash the couple spots and trowel on some new cement and see how much sticks. People have said spalling can’t be repaired so I figure if it pops off I’m no worse off than now, but I may buy some time.

    A few decades ago I used some concrete patch (with some bonding agent) around my garage sump and it’s still like the day I put it on. But it looks totally different than regular concrete so I’m not keen to put anything like that on my front driveway. Though I guess I could try capping it off with some regular cement powder and sand.

    Also, I’ve dripped paint on concrete and it stays there for years and years so I’ve though that maybe some primer in the cement and poured on the rough concrete would bond it better. Isn’t primer mostly glue anyways?

    Then there’s this option:

    Revealing the ancient Chinese secret of sticky rice mortar - American Chemical Society

    The Great Wall Has Stood For Centuries Thanks To Sticky Rice
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    "Bring on the spall, baby!"


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      Originally posted by overoceans View Post
      Traction baby!

      Sorry, I mean: Groovy Baby!
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