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    Originally posted by KC
    Is the model X that big? Or just that heavy?

    The S and X are both pretty heavy vehicles because of their massive battery packs. Depending on the battery size and number/size of electric motors, the X is around 5-6,000 lbs. The S is a bit lighter.

    Originally posted by RichardS
    I was more wondering if people preferred a radiant heat set up or forced air? The place I am designing has a larger center area, all open, with 2 wings that house bedrooms, office, etc. I am thinking of zonal heating and that is best accomplished with a radiant set up. However, some people lament the maintenance of a boiler/radiant heat. I was wondering on people's experience with either. For me, the central area will have a large fireplace to heat with wood as much as I can as I love that heat. The rooms/office would be radiant, and the main area would have a radiant zone as a backup.

    Many of the high end systems do both, with in-floor heating individually controlled per room and then a hydronic fan-coil to act as second stage heating and DX cooling in the summer. Keep in mind in-floor doesn't play too well with certain flooring types. If you're a big fan of 70's shag, you might be out of luck!

    Ground-source geothermal is kind of a non-starter in Alberta in terms of viability, given our electricity costs. It just doesn't make much sense, for better or worse. If you're doing a big PV system with battery back-up and no grid tie, then it might make sense.


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      Thanks Marcel. In another thread, I've already expressed at how off grid is a non you mention...

      HA...70's shag...hell no. Not in a log home. I am looking at building out of local I am about to inherit a crapload of them from a clear cut powerline ROW.
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        I'm not sure if they do new furnaces or not but I've worked with Harmcor Plumbing & Heating for furnace repair and they did a great job.