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Warehouse or Multi-Family Property for an Appraisal?

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  • Warehouse or Multi-Family Property for an Appraisal?

    Edit: Found.


    I'm a university student trying to complete my final project which involves appraising an actual property. I am wondering if anyone is able to help steer me towards someone who will be able to provide access to perform an appraisal on an income producing property? It would require access for a site inspection and pictures and I would be happy to provide a copy of my final report upon completion. I have already tried talking to some realtors and property managers without any success.

    I'm looking for an industrial warehouse or low-rise multi-family building that is outside of the downtown core.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Are you trying to appraises it for it's tax value or it's real estate value?. If it's real estate value you could always drive around the industrial area and look out for For Sale signs. Could be the building is looked after by a property management company and they may have an idea of the price of an industrial property.
    Same for apartment buildings, property management companies may have the heads up on the prices. It must be very frustrating for you to approach so called 'professional people' in good faith and get no success. Most professional/trades people are proud of their work and more than willing to talk about it and inform people. There is a website belonging to the City of Edmonton that will give you the value of a house for taxation purposes but some people may disagree with the C of E real estate value of it. Not sure what department you could call at the C of E but some departments are about as helpful as an inflatable dartboard.
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      I was able to get a property manager to help me after a bit more persistence. Thanks for the tips.