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Edmonton Grads - suitable commemorative?

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    There are lots of photos and links via this site:
    Commercial Graduates Basketball Club

    In 1914 J. Percy Page, a newly appointed teacher at the McDougall Commercial High School in Edmonton, Alberta began conducting physical education classes for the female students in the school. He set about teaching them basketball, ... and emerged victorious. At the end of that season, the team members decided that they wanted to continue playing the game after their graduation from high school. They formed the Commercial Graduates’ Basketball Team on June 15, 1915. Since the Commercial Graduates’ Basketball Team was made up of ex-students, however, it was barred from playing in school leagues. Therefore, in order to find suitable competition for regular season games the team played against men’s teams in their practice sessions. The Commercial Graduates’ Basketball Team or the Edmonton Grads as they became known, retained a close connection with McDougall Commercial High School. Practices were held at the school and ...From 1915 until 1940, the Edmonton Grads played 522 official games in Canada, the United States and in Europe, winning 502 and losing 20. They played their last game on June 5, 1940. Three decades later, on April 18, 1973 the Edmonton Grads were admitted to Edmonton’s Hall of Fame. A year later in April 1974, they were admitted to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.

    the Grads ruled women's BASKETBALL from 1915 to 1940, winning 93% of their games and 49 out of a possible 51 domestic titles ...

    In their 3 European tours the Grads won all 24 games they played. At the time of their retirement, the Grads held 108 titles at local, provincial, western, national, international and world levels.

    Edmontonians regarded them proudly as representatives of the city, while eastern sportswriters hailed them as a national institution. Perhaps the finest compliment came from the inventor of basketball, Dr James NAISMITH, who called them "the finest basketball team that ever stepped out on a floor."


    The Grad’s reunited frequently both before and after Coach Page’s death in 1973. Eventually, the team even established a newsletter and appointed an archivist whose job it was to respond to media requests and keep track of Grads documents. Their legacy is documented in The Grads are Playing Tonight!” by M. Ann Hall, which I have reviewed for a forthcoming issue of the Sociology of Sports Journal.

    Women’s sport generated a lot of excitement – among players and fans – during the 1930s. This era is sometimes known as the “Golden Age” of women’s sport in Canada. ...
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      Originally posted by 24karat View Post
      If they were an American team, there would have been a movie made about them.
      Shooting Stars Part 1

      Shooting Stars Part 2

      I remember this playing on the Spokane PBS station, mid-80s. It's an NFB film, so I assume it played on Canadian TV as well.


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        A good read:

        New Heritage Minute pays tribute to the Grads, legendary women’s basketball team


        When they played their last game in 1940, the Grads had been national, North American and world champions for 17 years and following men’s rules — rather than the more restrictive “ladies’ rules” — for about as long. The women, who ranged from their late teens to their 40s, won 93 per cent of their games, making them the most successful sports team in Canadian history.

        The club is once again in the spotlight, this time as the focus of the latest Heritage Minute — a 60-second film highlighting key moments in Canadian history — being released Wednesday.

        MacBeth, the team’s lone surviving player, said the Grads, who at one point would be recognized by strangers on the streets of Edmonton, weren’t in it for the fame.

        “It was a great life but there’s nothing like the fine points of the game — that’s a thrill,” the 95-year-old said in a recent interview in Toronto, where she now lives.

        Releasing the short film on International Women’s Day was a deliberate choice, said Anthony Wilson-Smith, president and CEO of Historica Canada, which produces the Heritage Minutes.

        “I do think that for young women or teenagers playing sports, here’s another set of role models to look at and say, ’Oh we’ve really been good for a long time,”’ he said. “This is a really uplifting story about a great achievement that some Canadians are very familiar with, primarily in Alberta, and a lot of Canadians don’t know more about and should.”

        In the new video, set in 1923, the Grads challenge...

        While basketball still holds a place in her heart — she can still do a layup — MacBeth said she’s disillusioned with the sport’s evolution.

        “I haven’t really watched much this year really at all,” she said. “I really got fed up with the way they were playing so dirty. I just don’t think it’s a game. And they palm the ball all the time! It’s not the same.”


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          Basketball's Best
          It started with a high school girls’ basketball team in Edmonton, and ended with one of the best winning records ever.
          Written by Valerie Drake, Illustrated by Stephane Boutain— November 16, 2017

          “Although there’s some disagreement about exactly how many games they played and won between 1915 and 1940, their record is one of the best in the history of sports. That’s the history of all sports for all teams in the entire world. After beating...”

          “Percy Page was named to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1955. The Edmonton Grads were added in November 2017.”

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            Originally posted by moahunter View Post
            Originally posted by McBoo View Post
            Diss the only Canadian basketball team ever to have been Olympic champions (1936), albeit in what was then a demonstration sport?
            I actually didn't know what the thread was about, it was very vague - I still aren't certain KC meant the basketball team. It seems most other people didn't either (the thread sat here at a post of one for a bit). I did a search, and found out about the basketball team. I wasn't dising them (as opposed to the lack of clarity as to what the thread was about). I do though wonder whether this makes sense to commerate now, presumably there have been various such in the past, but sure, its interesting.
            In rereading moa’s comments, it really does show that recent immigration is changing the fabric of our society. I grew up hearing about the Edmonton Grads.


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              This Canadian basketball team ruled the world — and now gets a moment of fame
              'It was my life,' former player says of her time on the court with the Edmonton Grads
              Havard Gould · CBC News · CBC News
              March 8, 2017

              Canada's Sports Hall of Fame welcomes newest members
              Hockey's Lanny McDonald, speed skating's Cindy Klassen, golfer Mike Weir honoured
              Nov 10, 2017 8:31 PM ET
              Doug Harrison, CBC Sports



              “Edmonton Grads

              Long before the Edmonton Oilers dynasty years in the 1980s, the Grads women's basketball team dominated the competition. A remarkable 25-year run that began in 1915 saw the team become Canadian, North American and world champions while changing the attitude of those who viewed women competing in sports as unhealthy. The Grads won 16 straight world titles and posted a 502-20 record, once beating a French squad 109-20, before disbanding in 1940 because of travel restrictions resulting from the Second World War.”

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                The Edmonton Grads are today's Google Doodle!
                I am in no way entitled to your opinion...