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Capilano historical mansion?

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    Just for fun I pulled up the city assessment on the property:

    They call it "Goldbar Farm," and it's assessed at $3,112,500.

    They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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      Assessment update

      Great news for anyone wanting to make an offer on this place, it's been assessed lower than in 2007!
      Tax Roll: 9083304
      Building Name: Goldbar Farm
      Assessed Value: $3,025,500
      100% Taxable: Yes
      100% Complete: Yes
      Neighbourhood: Gold Bar
      Property Type: Residential
      Land Use: 100% Single Family Dwelling
      Lot Size: 27327.699 M2 / 294152.9 FT2 / 6.753 AC
      Building Count: 1
      Year Built, Building Class: 1980, 2 Storey With Basement
      Approx Living Area: 570.39 M2 / 6139.6 FT2
      (Does not include basement area or 3rd level of split level)
      Basement Development: No
      Garage: Yes
      Fireplace: Yes
      Walkout Basement: No
      Air Conditioning: No


      Originally posted by Gord Lacey View Post
      Just for fun I pulled up the city assessment on the property:

      They call it "Goldbar Farm," and it's assessed at $3,112,500.



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        Originally posted by nobleea View Post
        Originally posted by Top_Dawg View Post
        As far as Top_Dawg recalls, Gold Bar Farms serves as the Edmonton residence to Marc de la Bruyere and his wife. De la Bruyere along with Alistair Mactaggart are both the second generation owners of Maclab Enterprises which was started up by their fathers.

        Although it is their residence it is likely occupied only by staffers most of the time. De la Bruyere's wife, whose name escapes Top_Dawg at the moment, is a author of significant accomplishment and she is often invited by universities stateside and abroad to be their writer-in-residence. However it is said that when she is writing, she likes to return to Gold Bar Farm as the peace and serenity help her concentrate on her work.

        Needless to say they are influential people but prefer to remain quiet and low key.
        Stacy Madeleine Schiff is the wife.
        She has a new book out.


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          Just a bump here as well, never saw this thread before (so much stuff here is so hidden in sub categories) but Gold Bar Farm had an estate sale today and is closing up. Heard some conversations that the main house may be headed to Fort Edmonton. Was interesting to go in and wander about. Some secret passageways in the house. Modest mansion type house, not that well kept, and showing signs of aging. Doesn't look like too much was spent keeping the place up. No Historical designation posted. Got a weird vibe in the place. Not sure if its haunted at all, and I believe in such things, I'm subject to getting the odd spider senses feel in places and later finding out theres been other reports. Not a place I would go to alone at night.

          Main dwelling was apparently built in 1902 and was the first house in Gold Bar. Not the amount of historic artifacts that one would expect on the estate sale. There was an interesting snow sleigh and a vintage ford. That's about it.

          edit. So I write this and then check the link above to the author writing about the Salem With Trails. Now I officially have some nerves tingling. Got a supernatural feeling from the whole place. Would make a good haunted farm filming location.

          The tree house was way spooky as well.

          Run a handheld camera throughout this property and you could do a quick 30minute Blair Witch type movie. Extra footage could be filmed at the excellent Halloween display just a block south of the Gold Bar Farm.
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            Re Estate auction mentioned at post # 1724:



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              Originally posted by overoceans View Post
              I'm from Ottewell, within easy biking distance of Gold Bar/Capilano, so I know the place you're talking about. I once asked an old-timer about the house, and she actually told me the name of the family that had lived there. Not sure if the same people would be there now.

              I should say that I also once asked another older person about who lived there, and he gave me a different name. So who knows.
              Ah, here we go. From a recent link on the I Remember When thread...

              "Owned by Claude Gallinger"

              That was the name given to me by the "old-timer" mentioned first in my post above.


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                Did the City buy it? HonestDoor says it sold in Feb 2019 and is zoned as Metropolitan Recreational Zone.
                I will beat the dead horse back to life.