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  • Hair cut ?


    I know and get that were are in a lock down, and it's necessary in the current conditions. I also know that this is not a top priority anywhere, but is there a way a hair dresser can cut somebody hair, by private appointment ?

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    There was a funny quote someplace "we are only weeks away from knowing the true color of peoples hair"

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    Well, unless the hairdresser is cutting your hair ONLY, then he or she would have to be going around to different peoples' houses for successive appointments, or having multiple customers come into the shop one by one, for a physically up-close service.

    Either way, it would seem to be contrary to the principles of social distancing.

    FWIW, physical distancing is being treated as pretty flexible here in Korea, but I've been avoiding the hair salons myself, and am starting to get annoyed at the shag as well.
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      Cap'n Obvious here, but the only way out of this is the total DIY bald look. Just as well it's a socially acceptable look these days - plus, with any luck, the weather should be warming up soon.

      It's either that or we can all be sixties hippies again.
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