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Trump and his war powers

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  • Trump and his war powers

    The world has a right to know about Trump's war powers (Opinion)

    How Donald Trump Could Build an Autocracy in the U.S. - The Atlantic

    Trump on China's Xi consolidating power: 'Maybe we'll give that a shot some day.' - CNNPolitics

    Trump Jokes About Staying in Power Indefinitely

    “Presumably, Trump means to suggest that installing his own loyalists in the government will help him un-rig the system for him and his supporters, but his administration hasn’t been able to finish doing that yet. Not incidentally, that is one of the ways Xi has tightened his grip on power in China. He has systematically removed political obstacles within China’s one-party government, arrested or transferred power away from rivals, and even had his own political philosophy enshrined in the country’s constitution — the first leader to do that since Mao.

    Those strongman moves, culminating in a grab for indefinite rule, are exactly what Trump — whose wannabe authoritarianism is well established at this point — admitted he admires. And Trump doesn’t just look up to Xi.

    When Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan acquired vast new powers — including his own shot at indefinite rule — in a possibly rigged election last April, Trump called the leader to congratulate him, while the State Department decried the breakdown of democracy in the country.

    Last week, Trump ...”
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    Another thread? Couldn't this go under the thread, Trump?
    Animals are my passion.


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      Originally posted by H.L. View Post
      Another thread? Couldn't this go under the thread, Trump?
      We were asked long ago to separate the threads. I created the Trump misc. thread for most things but because of a number of factors I thought this should have its own thread.


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        The U.S. must take Greenland by force!

        Greenland is for small-timers. The United States should acquire the Great White North. - The Washington Post
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