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Edmonton Police Online Town Hall - Tuesday, April 5th Question Thread

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  • Edmonton Police Online Town Hall - Tuesday, April 5th Question Thread

    This thread will open once the Monday Question Thread closes at 15:00h on Monday, April 4th 2011.

    I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.

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    I've noticed every Friday between roughly 6:30 and 8pm that a number of vehicles show up in the parking lot of the school in front of my place.(Johnny Bright K-9 in Rutherford sw)One of the vehicles is towing one of those little baggage trailers.It appears to me that the person of this vehicle is distributing, or selling milk products from the back of this vehicle.I heard on the news some time back that it was considered illegal to sell unpasteurized milk in this province.If this is the case,and they're selling this type of milk in the parking lot of a school.Could anything be done by the EPS to look into this matter?It is just a suspicion but everybody who aproaches this vehicle walks away with a jar or two of white liquid which appears to be milk.


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      Search for Chief of Police

      Hello - Could you please provide an update on the current search for our new Chief of Police? Have interviews been conducted? If so, with how many candidates? What is the timeline for an official announcement on the new Chief?

      Thank you!


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        The community police stations should be able to take cash and credit cards, even the local Macs can do that!


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          tinted driver's windows on vehicles - legal or not?

          Are tinted driver's windows allowed or not? If so, to what degree?

          In the last year or two I've seen an absolute epidemic of tinted driver's windows - some so dark that you cannot see the driver at all. If they are not legal, what is the EPS doing to educate the public and to enforce the statute? It is a serious safety issue both for pedestrians and for officers. It would be pretty straightforward to do a number of blitzes at shopping mall parking lots...both flyers and tickets.

          Also, if it is indeed illegal, is it possible to charge dealerships and shops that install them?


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            Would the Edmonton police force as a whole be better served to no longer prosecute personal marijuana possession? Further resources could be used to deal with real crimes, not crimes of personal choice.


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              I and many others are dismayed by the fact that Edmonton has already had 16 homicides this year, compared to 2 in Calgary and 6 in Vancouver. What exactly is the cause of such a huge spike?
              “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                Why is it on nice summer days there are like a million cops around but when it's like -40 there is not a cop to be found?


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                  Since moving to Edmonton in 2005 I have been concerned about the outright use of drugs and alcohol in the downtown area. I used to live in the Boyle Street area (down the street from the main police station) and constantly stepped over used needles, and walked past groups of drunk people. I recently moved to central downtown and I have seen people drinking, smoking pot, and smoking crack. I did call to complain after one incident where someone was sitting on the side of the road smoking crack (this was after a week of walking by the same area, and there was always people engaging in some kind of illegal activity). The officer I spoke to said that they would send a car out sometime in the next couple of weeks and try to help but as the population was fairly transient there wasn't much they could do.

                  Other than this incident, I have always found Edmonton Police Officers to be extremely helpful. However, I really notice a lack of presence in the downtown area. I am sure that having more officers in the area (both in cars, on bikes and on foot) would decrease the amount of illegal activities, even with such a high-risk population. Even if it didn't rehabilitate the people being caught, it would at least make the other residents safer.

                  Not only that, but there are many pushy panhandlers. I don't mind being asked for change or to lend a smoke, but I do not like to listen to the same 30 minute story about how they were just released from the hospital or their car broke down and they need $20. Especially since it was the same few people telling me the same story every couple of weeks last summer.

                  Why isn't there a large police presence downtown, and what steps can citizens take to ensure that this is changed? I am not sure how shifts are assigned to officers, but is there any realistic way to increase the desirability of working the downtown beat in spite of it likely being one of the most difficult areas in terms of repeat offenders?


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                    A quick question in regards to the answer you gave about littering:

                    "We can also act on reports by citizens on littering. What we require is some way to track down a violator after the fact (vehicle license plate and physical description for example). We are more than happy to take action in these situations when the circumstances support it."

                    Is it best to go into a community station to report this? What's the process, and what will be required of the complainant in the future?
                    They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?


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                      Why does EPS act as a middleman for bylaw? For example, when reporting an illegally parked vehicle or abandoned vehicle, why do I have to call EPS (tying up a phone line that is best used for more important matter)?


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                        Homeless / Drug Users Sleeping in Lobby

                        What is the procedure for having removed homeless / drug users from the front entry's of apartment buildings ?. They sleep there overnight to stay warm.

                        However the smell , damage to property and fear they put into tenants makes it impossible for them to stay there . They also block the entry in case of fire evacuation.

                        When we have asked them to leave they get in your face with threats including vandalizing the property or assaulting the landlord.

                        Your downtown dispatch say they do not respond to these calls.

                        If this is not the responsibility of the Police do we as citizen's need to take this into our own hands ?

                        Please respond.


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                          As the HSE Manager for a downtown business, I find your downtown newsletter of great interest. I would love to be able to distribute it our staff, by posting on our safety bulletin board as well as in the other areas we have available for sharing such information. Some of the suggestions and tips would also be beneficial to our employees located in other offices around the world. I'm wondering, though, why there's no "print" feature to print the newsletter in its entirety...or am I just not looking in the right spot? It's too good to keep to myself, but forwarding links to people is not necessarily the best way for us to target our personnel. I would also like to share information with others in my housing development, as I believe items, such as the vehicle safety section in this latest newsletter, benefits everyone, not just those downtown.

                          All in all, I commend EPS on this Town Hall, on the newsletter and on the efforts made each and every day. It can't be easy policing in today's society and I'm sure everyone would like to see greater police presence and more traffic enforcement, but I think y'all are doing the best you can with the budget you have. Good job! Keep it up and stay safe out there!


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                            The interactive crime map is a great tool to get an idea of what incidents are happening in my area. I am also signed up for the monthly newsletter. Are there any other methods (meeting, reports etc) that can be provided to gain more specific information on the crimes and results? (i.e. was someone caught or charged; was it random?). Or could this information be added to the crime map? Can I talk to my local community station officer to get this information verbally?

                            Also I am interested in the two citizen patrol groups in the city (Millwoods and Otwell?). I presume it is difficult to infer if they are reducing crime as the groups would be spotting and reporting more crime in the area. Can you say if they are increasing the solved cases for the neighbourhood? Are the reuslts worth the effort? Are there plans to expand this program? Or is this a citizen led function where the EPS provides support as needed?
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                              Driving lanes

                              While travelling down 50 Street between 106 Avenue and 101 Avenue there is a very wide roadway. There is a parking lane where cars are allowed to park and then the other lane is for driving vehicles. The roadway is 7.9 m wide. Typical driving lanes are 3.5 m wide. As the roadway is quite wide vehicles pass me on the right had side of the road, which is where cars park. The vehicles are overtaking me in the parking lane. I have had many people tell me that there is only two lanes and one of them is for parking. There is no painted lines on this stretch of roadway and my experience with The Highway Traffic Act indicates no vehicle is allowed to over take another vehicle on the right hand side. They only could pass on the right if there is a painted line indicating another lane. The paint lines start closer to the intersections.
                              Please advise if I am in error on my understanding of the situation.