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Edmonton Police Online Town Hall - Wednesday, April 6th Question Thread

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  • Edmonton Police Online Town Hall - Wednesday, April 6th Question Thread

    his thread will open once the Tuesday Question Thread closes at 15:00h on Tuesday, April 5th 2011.

    I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.

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    In response to your reply yesterday, thank you by the way, I did some investigation of the districts for central Edmonton. I noticed how large the 'downtown' district is and wondered how each of the 4 sub districts are treated in terms of patroling type ie car, foot, bike, etc. Do you outline specific strategies for each or are they addressed as one larger area?

    thank you again



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      Whitemud woes

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - now that the snow is melting, can the EPS please monitor for UNSAFE and ILLEGAL exits eastbound on the Mud, onto 156 street. EVERY day, cars regularly cross the double solid white line and exit onto 156, instead of taking the proper "156 St Only" exit further back. thanks


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        There does not seem to be many EPS officer that are out of shape. Do EPS members have to stay withing certain fitness levels. Are you tested every so often for endurance etc:
        Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.


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          Reporting on volunteer usage

          The EPS uses volunteers more extensively than most other Canadian police forces. Why is this metric not reported on in the EPS Annual Report? Does the EPS regularly report on the use of volunteers to the Police Commission?

          The number of volunteers and the total number of logged volunteer hours should be reported. In many cases volunteers do work that other forces have paid civilians doing, and if the tap were shut off tomorrow some aspects of the EPS would grind to a halt. It would seem to be an important metric as it shows the true extent of the workload of the EPS.


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            Solid White Line

            Somebody already mentioned about vehicles crossing a solid white line on Whitemud onto the 156 St. exit. I couldn't agree more in this observation and have witnessed this on that particular exit many, many times. I can tell by now that not a lot of people (drivers) understand the mechanics of how to enter and exit a highway (enter with posted top speeds-- not slow down; do not enter on solid white line, and signal early). I've used my horns many times because of this.

            If I may add, I notice that there have been a lot of vehicles out there blatantly violating safe road rules: crossing a solid white line, changing lanes without signalling, not stopping in a stop sign, not yielding when facing a yield sign, and worse, I've seen cars go past a red light through without stopping, speeding, illegal parking in designated parking spots, dark window tints, cars not driving in their lanes, texting on their cellphones while driving (yes in the Whitemud passing me at 100 kph) and so on and so forth. I find myself shaking my head in disbelief most of the time when I witness traffic violations and the car involved can get away with it.

            I hope the EPS would be more proactive in solving the issue of traffic safety. I would suggest expanding the Report-An-Impaired driver program and maybe adding up an administrative telephone line for the public to report this (I know for a fact dispatch gets so many calls already). I personally would be happy to see the police hand out tickets when the distracted driving law takes effect in the province.
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              Almost all drivers are happy to follow the speed limit when driving, but they can get agitated when noticing other drivers speeding, or driving too slow. It isn't nice to be forced to follow someone going 40 km/h on a road with a posted speed limit of 60km/h, or merging onto the Yellowhead west from 156th st. at 60km/h when the posted speed limit is 90km/h. I know that road conditions do warrant slower driving at times but I've also noticed that alot of drivers that drive slow tend to be preoccupied with their cell phones. Why is it that I see so much emphasis solving only half of the problem?
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                Speeding in Whitemud Oaks + Cars not yielding to pedestrians 23 ave and Leger Gate

                Hello, the community of Whitemud Oaks was completed in 2006/2007 and since then we have seen 2 police cars in this area despite the cars that constantly exceed the speed limit along Leger Way NW heading towards Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School.

                A simple speed trap early morning or late afternoon would show the problem and total disregard some have for this area that is *never* visited by EPS.

                I must also mention at the corner of 23 Ave and Leger Gate their is no crossing lights and though it is a clearly a pedestrian intersection vehicles constantly do not yield to the pedestrian and speed right through, it won't be long before someone dies but should that have to happen? Kids exit whitemud oaks and cross into Teglar across this intersection and cars are not yeilding to them.

                Many times myself and my wife attempt to cross from the Teglar Gate side into Whitemud Oaks and despite us standing in clear view and sometimes waving and sticking our arms out the cars just speed right by.

                Perhaps move the speed traps from the North side of 23 ave to the the south side at the entrance to Teglar gate or use a decoy and attempt to cross the street...or simply park nearby when school gets out and watch cars not yield to children!

                I understand your busy but only seeing two EPS cars in my area is almost 5 years seems wrong.

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                  Objective metrics for evaluation of traffic policing effectiveness

                  If this town hall is any indication, the EPS must deal with a very large number of complaints about traffic enforcement. However, perception doesn't always match reality and not all bad driving causes the same problems. Would you agree that traffic enforcement should be directed towards the locations and times where and when drivers who disobey the law are most likely to cause collisions (directly or indirectly), and that the success of the enforcement program should be measured by the degree to which the collision rate is reduced? Does the EPS use, or is the EPS working on any objective measures of the effectiveness of traffic enforcement in reducing collisions?


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                    Traffic Safety

                    A couple Questions. Do photo radar vehicles have to be legally parked to take pictures? Along the Calgary trail North, the photo radar vehicle parks regularly just north of diamonds but he/she parks almost in the intersection and sometimes partially in the intersection. Does this illegal parking effect ticket validity?

                    Commonly on the eastern intersection of the Henday and Yellowhead there seems to be quite a traffic backup. The left lane is for turning or straight through traffic and the right lane is solely for straight through use. During pm peak hours, many motorists are turning from the outside lane, cutting off traffic in an attempt to bypass the wait. Any police presence planned for this intersection?


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                      Resource Officers

                      We was wondering why the resource officers do not attend community meetings anymore?

                      We understand the commitment and time Edmonton Police officers have.
                      We hear that EPS says they want to reach communities and but on the other hand the opportunity to meet or share info is no longer there.


                      It might be difficult to attend each community league meeting every month so why not an officer attends Leagues Presidents Councils at least quarterly, this way they meet with a group of Community League’s Presidents and the Presidents share info with their communities.

                      To make people understand the EPS better an open house for Presidents/Chairs of Communities, NGO’s and cultural organizations/associations be held at the beautiful EPS Headquarters, from time to time.



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                        Whitemud noise violators

                        Last year the police were enforcing motorcycles that exceed the legal decibal levels. Will the police service consider also enforcing the illegal use of 'jake brakes' within the city limits? This noise contributes to the excessive noise level and they get away with it.

                        My residence backs onto Whitemud and unfortunately the freeway has a decline right behind my property where all the trucks use this brake (illegally). Weather wise when we can finally enjoy the outdoors our conversations are cut short or temporarily stopped due to this excessive noise. The regular vehicle noise seems to be considerably less bothersome as the pavement has been upgraded. The municipal government has once again 'weazled' out of upgrading the sound barrier wall even though their noise level tests proved the noise to exceed the legal decibel level.

                        I would like to know if the police service could somehow set up a vehicle (patrol car or photo radar type vehicle) to enforce this common violation (that has gone unpunished for so long)? This violation is extremely common in this area and perhaps other freeways also, and the truckers know they can get away with it so why bother turning them off? The taxpayers that live along this road would be ever so grateful! Even a few tickets handed out may curb the illegal use if truckers start to spread the word.

                        We are absolutely frustrated every summer with this noise annoyance.


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                          This thread is closed. Please ask any new questions in the Thrusday thread, located at this link:


                          The answers to the above questions will start to be posted at 09:00h tomorrow and will be in this thread:


                          I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.