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Edmonton Police Online Town Hall - Thursday April 7th Question Thread

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  • Edmonton Police Online Town Hall - Thursday April 7th Question Thread

    This thread will open once the Wednesday Question Thread closes at 15:00h on Wednesday, April 6th 2011.

    I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.

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    I am wondering what to do about drug dealings in front of my home? I have been witness to too many people standing in my front yard waiting for his/her dealer to show up, most often in a car (but sometimes on a bicycle). In the past the EPS told me to contact CrimeStoppers, but that hasn't stopped the drug dealing activity. Any suggestions on what I can do, please?


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      I am curious to know what actually constitutes a "legal" knife, and the rules for its carry and use in public.


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        There has been research done in Canada and elsewhere that shows that police are more likely to stop a driver of a visible minority. Even for off duty police officers, research has shown that police officers who are visible minorities are stopped more often than police officers who are not.

        The issue is one of racial profiling (even if it is subconscious and not a policy of the force) - if some people are more likely to be stopped simply because of their race, they are less likely to then respect the police force, and less likely to be co-operative when incidents occur.

        Has EPS investigated the extent to which visible minorities are stopped in Edmonton versus non-visible minorities (e.g. performed research)? If not, why not (and would you support such research)? If so, what were the results?

        What actions are taken to ensure that police officers are trained, and re-trained, to overcome stereotypes, be they based on race, age, or another visible factor? Such stereotypes will subconciously build up over time, simply due to demographic factors and the incidence of crime.

        Has consideration been given to the possibility that the reason some minority groups appear less co-operative (for example, the Somali community), could be to some extent linked to perceptions that they are singled out for more investigation than non-visible minority Canadians?


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          How come EPS dosn't use Auxiliary police like the RCMP and OPP? I live in Edmonton and I am a member with the RCMP auxiliary and would move to EPS if they had a program. It just makes sense. Extra set of eyes, more man power on the streets and all this at no charge to the city or the people that live in Edmonton.
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            Have the changes at the downtown library helped reduce the number of incidents in the area?

            Also, now that spring is here, another area of concern is McDougall Hill - specifically, the wood and concrete stairways between Telus Plaza and the Chateau Lacombe. Every summer there's a lot of shady characters lurking around, and the stairs littered with graffiti, broken bottles, the occasional needle and the occasional human waste. I recommend that a foot patrol pops by at least a couple of times during the evening and weekends.
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              As a Deaf citizen, I am curious about the level of awareness in the EPS regarding differences in how enforcement and communication works.

              Is there a program for EPS to take that covers multiple common scenarios, such as a Deaf man not responding to an officer's call from behind due to not seeing or hearing him? Or pulling over a Deaf driver and seeing the driver reach for the glove compartment to get pen and paper, although the officer may not be aware of that?

              If such an educational and awareness program exists, is it mandatory for all EPS to take before entering the service in full capacity, or is it voluntary? Can the contents of this program be viewed by civilians or certain groups such as the Edmonton Association of the Deaf?

              If it does not exist, are there plans to introduce such a component into the training regimen?


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                I have a couple of questions.

                1) 38th Ave between 66 street and 50 street has two schools along it, and I cannot tell you how many times I have seen/almost seen an accident. This is mainly due to the speeders who travel down this road going at least 80km/h, and it's a 50km/h zone. It makes it worse when parents are dropping off their children, and are trying to manuever in and out of a congested area. Is there anyway the police can monitor this area more, especially during the school days. I fear someone is going to get killed.

                2) I have problems with my neighbour constantly parking or having friends park in front of our driveway. We've asked them numerous times not to park in front of the driveway, and have called bylaw numerous times as well. The problem is, bylaw take 4+ hours to arrive and they have usually moved by then. How can I quicken the response time of bylaw?

                Thank You


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                  I drive for a living and have seen an alarming increase of drivers failing to use their signal lights.Even in front of police cruisers, I have witnessed this type of behavior without any repercussions. I've had some close calls with these types of drivers weaving in and out without any warning and it seems to have become common place.It's so frustrating that such a simple act of flicking a switch one inch from your driving hands has become too difficult for drivers these days to maneuver. It is doubly frustrating when this is done in front of a police cruiser and no ticket seems to follow.Have the police become too lax in their efforts to ticket offenders for the simplest of tasks such as failing to signal which direction you're going.I'm aware that handheld devices are the cause of failing to signal.That's a given.I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on this issue.
                  As a courier, I need to know where you're planning to go.I shouldn't have to guess.


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                    Thank you for doing this forum EPS!

                    I have a few questions.
                    1. I have a nephew who wants to join the EPS. How does he go about doing this and are there any specific prerequisites?
                    2. What are the different divisions within the EPS? (Tactical, Foresnic, etc) and where could he get more information on each?
                    3. What are the rules surrounding high speed chases within the city limits? How do you handle cases that cross jurisdictional lines?
                    4. Who handles enforcement of the Highway Traffic Act on the Henday considering it is a Provincial Highway? Why isn't there significantly more enforcement in the construction zones on the Henday as people are constantly going well over the posted limit?
                    5. How successful is the helicopter program in Edmonton? Is there emperical evidence that this helps? What are the majority of incidents or case types that Air 1 responds to?
                    6. Are there plans to expand the city's K-9 units for additional members on the ground?
                    7. I saw some officers on horseback, some on a Segway, and others on motorbikes last year. What goes into making the decision on what asset is deployed where, and are Segways even remotely effective in Edmonton?
                    8. I notice that at some events, there is a significant police presence yet while at other city events, it is private security or rugby players recruited for security. Is there a specific size or crowd limit before the police demand to be involved?
                    9. How do I book the DARE car, or other police demonstration cars, for charity or school events (or any event for that matter)? Are there fees?
                    10. The RCMP have a specific dress uniform - the Red Serge. Does the EPS have a specific formal dress uniform and even a demosntration team of any kind?
                    11. When, if at any time, would the EPS consider involving other forces or even the Canadian Forces in event or crisis management? Is there a protocol in place to do so?
                    12. Are there specific officers for monitoring specific spots (Whyte, Jasper, Alberta Avenue) to breed familairity with the public, or do many rotate in and out?
                    13. How do or can you patrol the river valley park system better to prevent a lot of the river littering, the homeless camps, and the other interesting activities that take place there? Have you as a force ever made suggestions in this regard?
                    14. What type of an event would allow a Police Escort? Is it only for heads of state and the military processions?
                    15. Why the preference for rear wheel drive cars?
                    Sorry for the list, but I gathered a few questions here at work and volunteered to post them.
                    happy to be the grumpy old bugger waking up the booster club!