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2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Thursday April 19 Questions

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  • 2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Thursday April 19 Questions

    This thread will remain open until 15:00h Thursday.

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    Hi there,

    This online town hall is a great idea, thanks for doing it.

    Is it legal for a motorcycle to ride in the bus/taxi/bicycle lanes (ex: 97st southbound at 131ave) ?



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      Given last year challenges to the motorcycle noise bylaw, is it still in effect? If the bylaw is still in effect, have those past successful challenges prompted police to change its enforcement guidelines, monitoring procedures, etc.?

      As we recall from last year, city police had an official announced emphasis on the, 'yearly crackdown on noisy motorcycles' - we believe it had a roughly June time frame that coincided with formal media announcements. Granted, the bylaw is relatively new; however, over the last couple of years, it is our condo-board observation that once the formal yearly police motorcycle noise monitoring campaign starts, the noisy intrusion begins to rescind. The implication we draw from this is one that suggests citizens, weather dependent, may have to endure a couple of months of noisy motorcycles before police begin the focused enforcement campaign. We also offer a somewhat anecdotal extension to our observations based on a nearby group of "cycle enthusiasts"; that is to say, we have gained recognition of the same bikes and know, with certainty, that at least a couple of the owners change their bike's pipes over once the official police monitoring campaign begins. If our understanding is correct, is there any consideration by police to begin enforcement of the motorcycle noise bylaw earlier in the riding year?

      On the same theme of vehicle noise, from a few years back, it is our understanding that additional emphasis was being put towards developing standards for acceptable car & truck noise levels, one intended towards implementing like noise bylaw covering cars/trucks. Are you able to speak to where this initiative stands today? Outside of this standards development and bylaw creation, as laws/enforcement stands today, can the police... and do the police... ever enforce noise infractions for cars/trucks? In this matter we are specifically speaking to "jacked-up" trucks and the incessantly noisy "fart-can muffler" cars.


      The High-Level bridge has always been a beacon for wannabe speeders/drag-racers; however, in recent years this has escalated to the point where we perceive more heightened safety concerns for all drivers traveling in proximity. Of course, this concern is raised during late night/early morning hours when traffic has thinned and/or downtown bars have recently closed. We recall, now several years back, police would regularly utilize radar enforcement on the bridge, relying upon a policeman using a hand-held device leaning out from a bridge girder - with speeders pulled in at 109st/88ave. Is there an avenue for police to begin more active patrolling for excessive vehicle speeds on the High-Level bridge?


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        Hello, thank you for hosting this online forum.

        My first question is about the legality of some of these vehicle modifications I have seen around. Are there any laws that pertain to the tinting of tail-lights? As well, what are the laws regarding adding additional lighting to a vehicle such as head/tail-light accents and the colours of such lights? What enforcement measures are usually taken with offenders? I ask because I have seen a car drive past a patrol car with blue accent lights in the grille and they were not stopped. (I also realize the officers could have been busy.)

        Second question is regarding the response times for domestic disturbance calls. I live in an apartment building in the Westwood neighborhood and the neighbors across the hall from me have loud verbal arguments all the time. There was one night when the female resident called the police on her boyfriend as he started throwing dishes around. Her call was placed around 21:30 but the officers did not arrive until around 01:00. In this time she already left, followed by him leaving, her coming back picking up the mess and going to bed. The officers spent about 5 minutes knocking on her door to no response and then left. Are there guidelines to the response times of cases like this? Are the priorities in these cases lower until it becomes violent?

        Finally what are the requirements for joining the EPS? Is any additional schooling required (like courses through Grant Mac) or does the EPS provide all the training you need?

        Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


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          Diverse Populations/Traffic/Deployment

          Good afternoon Moderator,

          Here are my questions:

          1. How diverse are the sworn members of the EPS? Do you have representation of all the different ethnic and cultural populations of Edmonton (which is growing every year)? If a member of the public, for example, calls in for a request for assistance (emergency or non emergency) and they say they cannot speak good English or would be more comfortable dealing with somebody from within their own culture or gender or sexual orientation, do you call out members who can effectively communicate to the native tongue of the citizen or customer if that is available? If not, how do you provide the service?

          2. Are you able to explain your new deployment model for patrol officers (first response) and its relation to the geographical divisions/jurisdictions? From my understanding, it has changed since former Chief Boyd's time, but is it ongoing under Chief Knecht? The reason I ask is that where I live, there is always a police car stationed in the N.E.T. offices renting a space in the ground floor high rise apartment building. I assume the officers are simply inside waiting to be dispatched to a call instead of coming from a division station, or are they on foot doing foot patrol? What has been the positive result of the deployment model, if any? Does this address your response time targets for both high and low priority calls?

          3. My last question is about Traffic Safety. Everyday that I drive I always see errors in other drivers-- the most common I see are: cars changing lanes on solid lines, distracted driving, weaving in and out of traffic especially on Anthony Henday where cars weave and exit very late they eat up the no-car or no-entry space in the turn off. A lot of traffic calls results in injuries and therefore generates a response from other agencies like Fire and EMS. My question is, does the EPS engage in public education in collaboration with other responder agencies and what initiatives are in place to ensure drivers follow the rules without exception to ensure safety.

          Thank you for the responses.
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            Thank you for participating. The Thursday thread is closed. This also ends the questions section of the 2012 EPS Town Hall.

            The answers will be posted tomorrow. Please feel free to put your feedback in the section provided.