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2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Wednesday April 18 Questions

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  • 2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Wednesday April 18 Questions

    This thread will remain open until 15:00h Wednesday.

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    Recently there was a lot of debate about the continuation of the all-night dance parties that have been going on for a number of years. I understand that as of late, new amendments to the bylaw governing these events have been put in place in an attempt to further protect the patrons who attend these events. Since then, it's to my understanding there have been 3 of these events, 2 at the Shaw Conference Centre, and 1 at the Edmonton Event Centre. Since these amendments have been put in place, it seems that patron safety is still an issue (according to media reports) in regards to the number of drug overdoes and reports of sexual assualts.

    My questions for you are
    1.) At this point, do the police feel that new bylaw amendments have had any impact in regards to patron safety? if not, at what point does EPS feel that patron safety is compromised enough where they refuse to provide policing for these events, thus not allowing for them to take place?

    2.) I understand that there is a rather large event of this natur planned for the end of this month on April 27th and 28th at The Edmonton Expo Centre and is expected to draw over 24000 patrons, with event's hour running from 3pm to 3am each day. I've heard there are currently some issues from EPS in regards to being able to provide adequate policing for this event, due to it's sheer size. Have these issues been resolved yet?
    Also, because of the hours of this event (3pm-3am), I personally am concerned about potential impaired drivers going to and from this event during peak hours of the day and night. Does EPS feel the can adequately provide policing for this issue as well as the previous one and if so, at what expense to the city and it's citizens?

    Thank you for your time in answering my questions and thanks to connect2edmonton and the Edmonton Police Service for providing this opportunity
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      I live in the area of 105th Street and 105th Ave. At this time there is major construction on 105th street and it is totally blocked off to traffic. As officers are obviously unable to drive down this road during construction there is a significant decrease to police presence in the area. With this and the addition to the warmer weather I have noticed an increase in assaults, vandalism and narcotics trafficking. In five days I have called the police three times; twice for assault and once for a person breaking into a payphone. In the two assault cases the responding officers have had difficulty locating the offenders due to the construction. Additionally, two apartments have constant foot traffic going to them, someone knocks on their window and they are given a key. The other day 26 people went to the apartment within three hours, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what is going on. When there was motor traffic, that didn't happen. That said, my questions:

      Last year there was a noticeable police presence. I frequently saw officers walking the beat. Is there a plan for that presence to happen again?

      The landlords/Property management companies that own in this area are terrible at keeping their property up to snuff. I understand this is a bylaw enforcement issue but my attempts at communicating with Bylaw Services has come up moot, and Bylaw seems to be more orientated towards enforcement rather than prevention. The alleyways in this area are prone to people dumping their furniture when they move out at the end of the month. I've spoken with several people when I see them doing it and the answer is always “I don't have a car.” Perhaps the city/charity shops could arrange for a pickup service at the end of the month? There are several missions and shelters in the area that would certainly benefit from having these couches put in shops where they receive a donation when they are sold. Additionally, is there a way that police officers are able to report when a building is in ill repair? I spoke with an officer responding to a call yesterday and he noticed a building with broken windows and people peering into the them.

      Is there a way to communicate citizen concerns to the police? IE: A suspected trafficking house, etc. I don't mean calling the police and reporting it and having an officer come and make a report.

      I think the Edmonton Police do a fine job, and as a whole I think this community is a relatively safe place to be. However, this construction project is going to take a long time to complete and it would be a shame to see the trend of rising crime continue. Keep up the good work.


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        Since Edmontonians can't give up using their cell phones while they drive, does EPS have plans for a continued ticketing campaign using "stealth" officers at stop lights (like they've done in BC)? What other measures are being taken to stop this dangerous driving practice?
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          So far, Edmonton has only 3 homicides this year while Winnipeg has 12 so far. In EPS' opinion, was last year's homicide rate an anomaly? Or could it be that new measures implemented beforehand is now producing desired results?
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