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2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Tuesday April 17 Questions

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  • 2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Tuesday April 17 Questions

    This thread wil remain open until 15:00h Tuesday April 17.

    I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.

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    Non-emergency line / customer service

    I have called EPS's non-emergency number (423-4567) periodically over many years to report dangerous drivers. I seem to get a different level of response each time I call, ranging from complete indifference (as if I'm bothering an officer by reporting dangerous driving!) to grateful co-operation leading to immediate action. (I am pleased to say that the response to my last report was very positive.)

    Please outline what EPS does when they receive a report about a dangerous driver?

    And please outline EPS's customer service standards for officers staffing this non-emergency line.
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      Concerns re. Policy for responding to incidents involving recent attacks on women

      I am writing to express my concern over reports (in the Edmonton Sun-- ) about the EPS response to the most recent attack on a woman in the Bonnie Doon area. I'm very concerned about the report that EPS did not come to the scene when this woman phoned for assistance. If the EPS knows that a man has been attacking women in the Bonnie Doon area (three attacks within a short time of each other), how is it possible that they did not arrive swiftly at the scene to apprehend--or at a bare minimum identify and question--the man who in this case posed a threat? It seems urgent to me to review a policy that would have police respond to an incident involving possibly/probably a repeat offender as if it were any other, individual case. If this policy allows the EPS to consider the woman in this case, other women in the vicinity--or indeed any woman who has called the EPS under similar conditions--"out of immediate threat," there is a problem with this policy. Please. Please re-evaluate this policy and take seriously the threat to women in the Bonnie Doon area right now, in this particular case. I'm sure everyone can agree that the time to increase police attention to this threat is before someone is seriously harmed.

      I am also concerned that this policy would not adequately protect women anywhere in the city, at any time. What is the process for review? How can citizens initiate a review process for policies such as this?


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        I live on a at the bottom of a big hill with a long stretch of a long and winding smooth road, that makes it perfect for 'longboarding'. This is the act of skateboaridng downhill at high rates of speed. While I do recognize that this is a legitimate sport and takes great skill as well as its great exercise climbing the long hills. I have serious concerns about the safety of these riders and how it will affect me or my family if they were to ride into me or my vehicle. While most now wear proctective gear and helmets, they are still way out of control going around blind corners are high rates of speed.

        Last year my wife had on rider 'spill' in front of her vehicle and the board ended up underneath her vehicle. Her and the kids were quite disturbed by the incident and fortunate for what did not happen, as it could have been much worse. Also last year there was a more serious incident where an ambulance did have to respond, I am not sure if a vehicle was involved or if this was just a wipeout.

        I tried the 311 approach and was told to contact police non-emergency line. I have done this several times, typically when riders are being towed back up the hill. Most times the officer states little can be done, and they can really only do something if they spot the riders being towed. However there is bylay 5590 #75 that limits skateboarding on city streets. Patrol cars are sent on a low priority (understandable) by that time the riders are typically dispersed.

        What can be done to prevent this or provide alternate 'safe?' locations?


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          During the first couple of years when Air-1 was in operation, the EPS website would provide a recap of the various calls the helicopter responded to the night before.

          This information was useful because I can find out why the helicopter was flying in my neighborhood at, say, 3am the previous day. Is it possible for the Air-1 updates to return to the EPS webpage?



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            First of all, as a Canadian and resident of this city, I would like to thank the EPS for all of their efforts to date. Police work is not an easy task and putting your life in harms way for the safety of the citizens of this city on a daily basis is commendable. Thank you to all officers for their hard work and efforts. They are appreciated even if they do not hear it often.

            I have been reading a book very recently, entitled "Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement: A Guide for Officers and their Families" by Dr. Gilmartin. A very interesting read thus far.

            My questions:
            1. Is this required reading for your officers during recruit training?

            2. What does the EPS have in place to help officers proactively learn how to deal with the stresses of their job, so they can have a healthy career, and have a healthy social and family life without all of the cynicism that can be prevalent in the law enforcement community with everything they have to deal with on a daily basis?

            This book states that there are a lot of tools at officers disposal for dealing with the physical safety side of the job in many departments (which is very important), but that most departments have very few tools to help officers learn how to deal with the emotional aspects of the job before they start having problems. I am hoping that the EPS gives its officers the tools to assist them before problems arise. Just reading this book I think would be a great start.

            Thank you.


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              Today's thread is closed.

              I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.