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2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Monday April 16 Questions

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  • 2012 Edmonton Police Service Online Town Hall - Monday April 16 Questions

    This thread is now open for your questions until 15:00h today.

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    Thanks for putting this on.

    I sit on the Downtown Edmonton Community League board and in surveying our members it is clear that safety and security are still high on their list of concerns. What is the EPS doing to specifically make their downtown presence more overt/visible and what are, if any, future plans to bring more beat patrol officers to this area.





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      1. Comment - We recieve a Division newsletter via. e-mail. It is much apprciated.

      2. Question - We also have recently recieved a couple of e-mails from our community league with messages related to issues in our area. The messages are along the lines of "Police warn of...." and "Police request your assistance.....". I am curious as to whether these messages are a result of a new program at the community level.


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        Will EPS concentrate on traffic enforcement on 2012? I noticed increased enforcement since distracted driving legislation began and I feel for police presence is a deterrent to dangerous driving habits such as speeding and sudden lane changes. Just having an EPS cruiser around works wonders.


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          Last week at Jasper Ave and 101 St around 4:30 PM (I think it was Tuesday, can't remember), I was walking home from work and saw a man being cuffed and loaded into a paddywagon. The gentlemen was not belligerant, but appeared to be quietly conversing with an officer. Didn't see any blood or weapons, nor anyone else who would have been his combatant if there was an altercation. Besides the paddywagon, there were 2 squad cars present. Then 3 more squad cars arrive at the scene with lights flashing.

          So my question is, are EPS personnel really being used efficiently for what we taxpayers are paying for? Why, for example, would it take 5 squad cars of armed officers to arrest one troublemaker?
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            Stop Sign & Speeding Violations

            Thank you for the opportunity to provide input to citizen's concerns. Living in Rundle Heights for over 40 years I have 2 traffic issues that should be looked at:

            1. Many drivers ignore the stop signs located on 111 Ave, 113 Ave & 116 Ave all on 34 Street and drive through the intersections and stop only if they see a car approaching. Some stop while others make the cars with the right-of-way take evasive action to prevent an accident.

            2. Drivers using 30th street treat the street like a freeway. I have used a sports type radar gun and observed speeds as high as 78 kph with a high number of drivers traveling over 65 kph. A radar enforcement vehicle on the street a couple of times every 3 months might slow these people down. The time of day when the violations occur are usually people coming home after work and on weekends.


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              First, I echo what IanO stated, "what are, if any, future plans to bring more beat patrol officers to this area.?"

              Secondly, I would like to see EPS (and EMS) promote/advertise the use of dialing 911 for members in our community who are NFA/ETOH and are in need of respite and safe dwelling at a shelter (provided no legal is involved).

              This former Pilot Project was initiated by Cst. Emerson and is currently in full swing in conjunction with EMS and Hope Mission. I would like to see this vital life saving and cost effective service promoted to assist those who are homeless, intoxicated, under the influence of illicit drugs and who are vulnerable.

              The success of this asset this speaks for itself and to this day retains a greater efficacy and response time than CDRT of past. I utilize this service on behalf of others no less the eight ( times per month in D3 Zone alone.

              Lastly, and anecdotally, I believe there exists a disparity when it comes to EPS addressing mental health/concurrent disorders. I have witness officers who have little empathy, sympathy and the understanding of MH illnesses. On many occasion, I have seen matters and persons minimized in order to promptly remedy an evident MH situation.

              What is EPS' mandate, mission and training in the mental field? Are there any objectives to further increase the services of PACT in the community at large with Addictions and MH via AHS?

              Thank you and I look forward to your favorable responses.


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                Two comments + one question
                The more foot -community and enforcement presence downtown that the EPS may be able to provide may also provide more of a feeling of pedestrian safety and walkability to the downtown core and surrounding area.

                More basic traffic + driver skill and observance of safe driving practices needs to be made. How to park, signal stopping points etc.

                When will a conscious effort be made to clean out the City Centre and Library area loiterers?
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                  Thank you for offering your time to answer questions.

                  With distracted driving legislation in place, what course of action should the public take if they find police officers using handheld devices what are clearly distracting them from proper operation of their vehicle? What course of action should the public take if they witness an officer simply driving poorly, in a "do what we say, not what we do" sort of manner? Shouldn't police be leading by example when it comes to traffic violations?
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                    Safety concerns

                    Hello and thanks for the opportunity to ask questions.

                    I live in Inglewood, near 127 St and 118 Ave. Since last year the NET was working in this area. I understand that there is new personnel for the NET team here. Are they fully operational yet?

                    Also, we heard from NET that a major area of focus was the appartment / condo units on 117 ave and 127 street, with the majority of service calls to the Inglewood area coming from there. I just wondered if we could get an update on how they are progressing, towards working with the owners/managers there to deal with the drug sales problems, domestic violence, and other safety issues that may originate from there? Have they been able to get any ByLaw people, or fire violations people or any other agencies that might help in cleaning up this area?

                    Has the general crime / disturbance rate for that specific area decreased since last year?

                    Thanks for your information.


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                      What N.E.T. is

                      Still waiting for the Arlington site to be reborn .......


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                        Monday's thread is now closed. The answers will be posted in a seperate thread tomorrow morning by 09:00h.