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C2E Question Thread for the Mayor.

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  • C2E Question Thread for the Mayor.

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask the Mayor question thread. Posting here assumes that you are willing to abide by the rules of C2E, and the rules of this specific Ask the Mayor event.

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    A couple notes of housekeeping before we begin:

    While every effort is made to ensure that all users get connectivity all the time, this is a free site with a limited budget. We have experienced intermittent connectivity issues from our service provider that manifests itself as a database error. If this occurs, please click on the refresh button on your browser until the error clears. Additionally, it may be advisable that you copy your questions into a text editor of your choice for your records and safekeeping.

    There is the opportunity for the same question to be asked multiple times or multiple ways. This is perfectly acceptable. The only thing we ask is that there is only one post per user; however, multiple questions can be in that post.

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    So, with that, I sincerely thank the Mayor for his participation, and I especially thank you for entering Connect2Edmonton and taking part in this event.

    Have fun!
    Connect2Edmonton Administration.

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    What excites you about/in Edmonton these days?

    What excites you about/in Edmonton these days?

    Mr. Mayor,

    What excites you about/in Edmonton these days i.e. what are you enthusing about to Edmontonians and those who should/want to be?


    Debra Ward


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      Snow removal at ETS parking lot / Bus stops

      Dear Mr Mayor,
      I take public transit to work. I am using park and ride facility at Heritage for my work commute. The entire parking lot is like Ice rink and it is very unsafe to walk. Just wondering who is responsible for cleaning in the parking lot. Also who is liable for accidents? This is the case at some of the bus stops too. I understand snow removal around the house is owner’s responsibility and Owners are liable for any accidents.



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        Building an Edmonton to live in

        Mr. Mayor,

        It is my view, and seemingly this view is shared by many informed members of this forum and my social circles, that yourself and city council are building an Edmonton that is a tourist draw, while mostly forgoing basic projects to make this a great city to live in. Can you comment on that?

        Quick rationale:
        - Subsidized Indy race
        - Massive expenditure for Expo/World Fair
        - Art Gallery
        - Winter Festival
        "Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal


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          One post--make it count.

          Mr. Mandel,
          Thank you very much for the work that you have been doing.

          Do you, will you, and how will you plan to accelerate the construction of the LRT to the west end, south east (Mill Woods), and the airport?

          What role will the city play in the construction and operation of the downtown arena complex?

          What projects or programs do you wish Edmonton caucuses of provincial and federal representatives (MLAs and MPs) from edmonton champion for the benefit of our city?

          Thank you for your participation at C2E,


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            Mr. Mayor,

            1) My main interests are on transportation issues, and I'd like to have your thoughts on the following:
            a) Improving roadway connections to the downtown
            b) Completing the inner ring road
            c) A better north/south route through the city, perhaps using Groat Road & 114 St.
            d) I found the transportation master plan long on visions & goals, which are in reality meaningless, and short on actual plans. There seemed to be no account for the integration of all the different modes of transportation, roads, buses, LRT, hi-speed, etc. Will we ever see another bold plan, in the spirit of the old METS study?
            e) Edmonton seems to plan roads around developments, not drivers. The plethora of accesses & signal lights on Edmonton streets, do nothing to help traffic flow, or roadway safety. Is there anything you can do to make this situation better?

            2) Would you support the renaming of Churchill square, to something more appropriate for Edmonton?

            3) Where do you feel a new arena is best placed?

            4) Is the Shaw conference center big enough?

            5) What is being done to reverse Edmonton's shameful record of protecting heritage buildings?

            Much appreciated.
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              Increasing Residential Density and Attraction and Retention

              Mr. Mayor,

              In general, I am satisfied with the progress you and council have made in making Edmonton a better place to reside. We moved to Edmonton’s inner city from Vancouver about 5 years ago, and even in that short time, some of the changes have been positive; specifically in the downtown core. However, downtown, along with other inner city neighbourhoods still require significant residential density to prevent further un-sustainability of this sprawling city.

              My questions are:

              What are the biggest hurdles that you see in increasing residential density in Edmonton, and what do you and council propose to do to mitigate these hurdles?

              How are you and council addressing the importance of attracting and retaining the young “creative class” to Edmonton?

              Thank you for your time.


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                Dear Mr. Mayor:

                Like a lot of posters on this forum, one of our concerns is the cleanliness of the Downtown area [ we are after-all the capital of the province]. What steps are being taken to maintain the appearance of the streets in the city's core business area? I, along will a lot of others would like to see a more aggressive year-round program put in place to have the Downtown core scrutinized with a more critical eye, and action taken.

                Thank you for your time and comments.

                Barry Newcombe
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                  Dear Mr. Mayor,

                  /*My questions are in bold if replies are rushed*/

                  As an eighteen year old engineering student at U of A, I am a devout rider of ETS. I am very excited about the new LRT stations on the southside, and the future expansion north to NAIT (good route in my opinion).

                  I have a few concerns about the west LRT route. I am aware you favour a route from Downtown via Jasper Place to Lewis Farms. Living in the west end myself and constantly commuting to the U of A, I personally favour the 87th avenue alignment first cited.

                  Second thing. The route #4 is always full. I don't take it anymore. It takes seemingly forever to get from West Edmonton Mall to the University because people are constantly getting on and off. I love the fact there is a Route 100. The frequency...not so much.

                  Most of my questions are transit related, and concern ETS. However, since ETS is owned/operated by the City, I feel that "a view from the top" is justifiable, and many of the issues I bring up end up being voted on in City Hall. Thus, pardon any misconceptions about jurisdiction you do not deal with.

                  Question #1:
                  One of the major concerns over the 87th avenue alignment of WLRT is destruction of single-family dwellings all along the route. Why not put the 87th avenue LRT in the median and shift both lanes of 87th avenue over (removing the trees, replanting) and get rid of the boulevards? A way to sell this idea asking the homeowners if they would rather have 87th avenue traffic in front of their house (with an expanded sidewalk), or no house at all.

                  Question #2
                  Can we please have a(n) express/super-express bus from South Campus to West Edmonton Mall via Fox, Whitemud, and 170th street? I am aware of the upcoming construction detour along 53rd avenue, but this would make ETS commuters love you! I know WLRT is a long time coming, but this would be a good first step.

                  Question #3
                  Must route 100 stop running so early? WEM closes at 9PM Monday to Saturday, and a lot of commuters take transit downtown (vice versa too) after shopping/working.

                  Question #4
                  As a member of the future voting generation in Edmonton, can we trust city council to make the right decisions (most of the time) and work at expanding and improving a city wide transit network in a timely fashion? We are extremely far behind (see: Calgary) in the eyes of a lot of people from my generation.

                  Thank you kindly for reading. Many thanks to C2E as well.

                  Josh Stock
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                    Homeless? / Panhandling

                    Mr. Mayor,

                    What are your plans to deal with people (homeless?) “Camping” and “entertaining” on the riverbanks and bushy areas from The View condominiums, through Shaw Center to Rosedale court bellow TELUS Plaza? What are the plans to ensure better security for residents and visitors walking the sidewalks and paths along this area? As a follow up question, what is your plan to eliminate panhandling from downtown business core? I think solution to both of those issues is prerequisite to Expo/World Fair.

                    Warm regards

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                      Mr. Mayor

                      Why are you opposed to putting the LRT to West Edmonton Mall along 87th Ave?

                      I realize that there is a need for the LRT on Stony Plain Road but to zig zag the LRT from 107th Ave to Stony Plain to 87th seems doesn't seem the best route to West Edmonton Mall. To me I feel there should be 2 lines when this is financially feasible one along 87th Ave, the other connecting to Corona along Jasper/Stony Plain


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                        Mr. Mayor:

                        Why are developments such as South Edmonton Common allowed and encouraged? There are no longer any pedestrian friendly neighbourboods being built in this city and the old neighbourhoods such as along 118 Ave have been allowed to deteriorate beyond repair. Indeed, when a townhouse proposal was put before council for approval, the local NIMBYs were allowed to defeat it, even though a long standing eysore on 118 ave would have been replaced with medium density housing. It doesn't matter how much money we spend on fancy lighting and sidewalks, it's the increase in density and re-introduction of families into older neighbourhoods that will revitalize an area. And yet, the city continues to allow NIMBY groups, usually one or two people, to defeat worthwhile proposals. How do you plan to address this issue?


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                          Mr. Mayor,

                          Thank you for taking the time to 'connect' with us.

                          One of the concerns which comes up often on this forum and hasn't been addressed yet has to do with the Yellowhead in Edmonton.

                          More precisely:
                          Who is repsonsible for the Yellowhead since it is a Trans-Canada highway?
                          Are there plans to upgrade the Yellowhead? Where and when?
                          Will the potential closure of the City Centre Airport effect plans for the Yellowhead?
                          Why are Yellohead upgrades not on the list of 'shovel ready' projects that the city recently submitted to the federal government?

                          The Yellowhead is one of the most important routes through our city, transporting both goods and commuters and I believe that it is in desperate need of upgrades to bring it up to full free-flow status.




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                            Dear Mayor Mandel,

                            Welcome back to this forum!

                            1. What has become of the plans to eliminate the hairpins at Gateway Blvd and Saskatchewan Drive, and to build a new river crossing from there? (optional question - was the idea from this forum?)

                            2. Re: Yellowhead Trail, has there been any discussion with the province for them to take over the maintenance and improvements of this important route (as per Deerfoot Trail in Calgary)?

                            3. What is your vision of the Rossdale power plant after its decommissioning? I would assume the city, as EPCOR's shareholders, would have an important say in this matter.

                            Thank you for your time.
                            “You have to dream big. If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea.” - Mayor Stephen Mandel, 02/22/2012


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                              Mr. Mayor,

                              I appreciate your efforts to define a new vision for the city. Additionally, I commend you and your colleagues for working hard to balance spending on the politically easy items (i.e. pot holes/snow clearing) and the politically hard but equally necessary items (i.e. Art gallery).

                              My question relates to LRT. First, let me say I'm a big proponent of LRT expansion; I cannot wait to ride the new sLRT. However, I'm concerned that we seem to pay more per km of LRT in Edmonton than other North American jurisdictions. For example, Calgary is building their 8.2km wLRT, which includes elevated, trenched and tunneled sections, for $760million or $92million/km ( Yet, our 3km nLRT expansion, which includes a 600m tunnel, is estimated to cost $660million ($825million post-inflation), or $220million/km. I have not seen detailed budget comparisons but this appears to be a sharp difference. Can you shed some light on the causes of such a price disparity?

                              Many thanks for your time,