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Ask the Mayor Rules and Decorum

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  • Ask the Mayor Rules and Decorum

    Rules and Decorum:

    1. Only 1 post per username. You may ask multiple questions.
    2. Please keep your questions short, factual, and succinct.
    3. No personal attacks, violations of the Charter of Rights, unfounded accusations, or name calling of any kind will be tolerated. Violation of this rule will result in your username and you question(s) being removed from the forum.
    4. Please try to keep the questions to Edmonton issues; Edmonton concerns; Edmonton's role regionally, provincially, and national/internationally; and Edmonton's future. The Mayor will do his best to respond to alternate questions, but there is no guarantee of a response.
    5. All regular Connect2Edmonton rules apply. Click here to review.

    The protocol for the Ask the Mayor forum is as follows:

    1. There will be one thread opened to ask your questions in. No additional threads will be allowed. This is to keep track of the questions and also keep the forum tidy.
    2. This thread will be open from 00:01h Monday February 2nd 2009 to 09:00h Thursday, February 5th 2009. The thread will be locked at that time.
    3. There will be a new thread created on Friday once the Mayor completes answering the questions provided. This thread will be closed for comments once the answers are provided.
    4. A final thread will be created for feedback on both the answers and on any improvements that C2E can make in future Ask the Mayor forums or similar sessions in the future.
    5. The moderators identified will not be asking questions as they will truly play a moderation role here to respect the necessary neutrality of this forum while they ensure the decorum and the rules are followed.
    6. Understand that you IP address will be logged. This is standard practice on C2E for forum protection. C2E will not release this information to the general public without a court order.

    Please review these items carefully. The Mayor does not guarantee that all questions will be answered, but has promised to answer as many as he can before the deadline. Posting in this forum automatically assumes you have read and understood these rules and are willing to abide by them.
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