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  • Answers to Tuesday's Questions

    Dr. Sam's posts to questions from Tuesday.
    President and CEO

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    Hi Mr. Shaw!

    Thanks for taking the time to be apart of our little community !

    My question(s)...

    (1) - What sorts of new programs is NAIT looking into? Or are you guys satisfied with what you have to offer now?

    NAIT is proposing a balance of new diploma and degree programming. We are looking into programs in Nanotechnology and Health Informatics. As well, we are completing program development work in Construction Project Management and Robotics.

    (2) - Does the NAIT community consider upgrading to University?

    NAIT has no desire to be a university. We believe that NAIT is clearly focused on being the best technical institute in Canada. NAIT will continue to respond to the workforce needs of business and industry. Under the Government's "Roles & Mandates" Framework for post-secondary institutions. NAIT provides programs specific to technical education and opportunities to undertake applied research that provides practical solutions to the productivity issues of business and industry.

    (3) - Are there any plans to enhance the streetscape and make it more appealing from the street for the community and people actually in NAIT? For example, retrofitting buildings to host a variety of shops and restaurants? I think it would add much to the area, perhaps vibrancy.

    NAIT’s three buildings that have been developed along Princess Elizabeth Avenue in the past 13 years (South Learning Centre, NAIT HP Centre, and NAIT Spartan Centre for Instrumentation Technology/NAIT Petro-Canada Centre for Millwright Technology) have significantly improved the “street appeal” of this avenue. Likewise, the proposed new Centre for Applied Technologies (CAT) will have a major positive impact on 118th Avenue and 106th Street. Following the completion of CAT, all of the buildings east of 103rd Street on NAIT’s Main Campus will be demolished, to make room for a new Student Residence and Parkade, to be developed on a P3 basis, which will again improve the neighborhood. All of our new buildings have the appropriate amenities to serve the needs of students and staff. We have not started the planning for the Student Residence area at this time, and the amenities that would be provided in that location.

    (4) - If City Centre Airport closes, would NAIT look into expanding in the lands? Also what is the status on the Klein campus so far (one around Ellerslie Rd)? Do you support having a college/college extension out there (and why?)?

    If a decision is made to close the City Centre Airport, NAIT would be interested in acquiring a portion of the land to consolidate its operations onto one site over the long term. The land in south Edmonton is currently held by Alberta Infrastructure and any future development of this site for NAIT programs requires a business case and approvals for development. Our main focus at this time with the Government of Alberta is in regards to the Centre for Applied Technologies on Main Campus. This initiative would provide space for 5000 full-time equivalent students.

    (5) - What makes NAIT great in your opinion? To me it is one of the best schools in Edmonton, so I'm wondering your opinion !

    Thank you for this wonderful priveledge

    EE (EdmontonEnthusiast/Edmontonenthusiast/edmontonenthusiast).

    NAIT has staff that are focused on student success, contributing back to the community in so many ways from participating as Boy Scout leaders to mentoring high schools students to giving time and resources to many, many charitable organizations. The staff and students represent the values of Albertans:
    · hard work
    · dedication to their careers and
    · passion about being the best at what they do.
    In addition, NAIT has for almost 50 years responded to the needs of business and industry for training a workforce that has created the economic stimulus for Alberta to succeed. Our staff are creative, innovative and want to get things done. I look forward to coming to work every day as I get to work with great people that do amazing things so students can graduate with skills, confidence and an attitude to make our great province better. I know as I am a father of two of NAIT’s graduates.
    President and CEO


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      Good Morning Dr. Shaw,

      My question is in regard to the Architecture Technologist program at NAIT. As you are aware there is no full architecture program in Edmonton and in my opinion we are in desperate need of one. Not only for the obvious reasons of graduating more local students in this field,

      So my questions are:
      Is there a possibility of turning the current program into a fully accredited architecture program at NAIT?

      There are no plans to develop programming beyond what we currently offer in architecture.

      Is there a possibility of qualified professors in this program becoming more involved as critics of Edmonton’s current and future architecture?

      NAIT will support our faculty on its core business of teaching and learning, student success and applied research.
      President and CEO


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        Where would you like to see the final NAIT LRT Station located regardless of the situation at the municipal airport?

        NAIT’s preference for the location of the LRT at the NAIT Main Campus, is that it be underground along 106th street, from a point south of Princess Elizabeth Avenue to a point north of 118th Avenue, with the underground station connecting to the proposed new Centre for Applied Technologies (CAT). The basement level of CAT could accommodate a future underground connection to an LRT station. Alternatively, NAIT would also support an LRT alignment at grade to the west of Main Campus, on the current City Centre Airport land.
        President and CEO


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          Good day, Mr. Shaw.

          In your answers to yesterday’s questions, you confirmed that NAIT would be interested in acquiring airport land should it become available so that NAIT can consolidate in one location (obviously the preferable outcome for NAIT). I also understand that work has been delayed at the proposed Ralph Klein Campus location due to a lack of available funding from the government.

          Assuming that the funding were available (but with the status of available airport lands still in question), how long could NAIT postpone expansion at the Ralph Klein Campus in hopes of the possibility of acquiring airport lands before the Ralph Klein Campus becomes a 'must do' project?

          In the long term plan that we prepared, the top priority is the Centre for Applied Technologies, and so our focus has been on planning for this new building. Acquiring a large parcel of land for long term development in the time frame of 50+ years was a very important decision for NAIT; however, the pace of development will be dependent on future enrolment demand and the availability of financial resources. We continue to work closely with the provincial government, to ensure that our expansion plans are consistent with provincial needs.
          President and CEO