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Ask Sam - Question Thread for Wednesday, June 17th

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  • Ask Sam - Question Thread for Wednesday, June 17th

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask Sam Wednesday question thread. Posting here assumes that you are willing to abide by the rules of C2E, and the rules of this specific Ask event.

    Please, before posting, make sure you are familiar with these rules. Click on the titles to go to the threads.

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    Ask Sam Forum

    A couple notes of housekeeping before we begin:

    There is the opportunity for the same question to be asked multiple times or multiple ways. This is perfectly acceptable. The only thing we ask is that there is only one post per user; however, multiple questions can be in that post.

    Finally, make sure you are using the button and not the button to enter your questions. The Report Post button is to report issues and concerns. Using this will result in your question not being immediately displayed, and a moderator having to copy and paste your suggestion into the Ask Sam question thread.

    So, with that, I sincerely thank Dr. Shaw for his participation, and I especially thank you for entering Connect2Edmonton and taking part in this event.

    Have fun!
    Connect2Edmonton Administration.
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    Apprentice Registration

    Hello Dr. Shaw,
    My question is in regards to the apprentice registration process. There is some confusion around the first come first served method at NAIT. I wonder what the procedure is in deciding which apprenticeship students are able to register first? What time should a apprentice student arrive at NAIT to be first in line? The only information I have been able to gather is the starting time of registration (7:30AM), but I have heard of students lining up at 3AM or camping out all night in order to be first in line as some programs are very competitive. It seems to me that in the age of the internet, an apprenticeship student would be able to register online and not have to camp out or wait in very long lines. Has NAIT considered implementing an online registration process for apprenticeship students?


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      Good day Dr. Shaw,

      My question is about where NAIT wants to go in the future. Edmonton has proclaimed that it wants to be a research, education, and health center for North America. How does NAIT play into that vision? How will it drive that vision forward? What kinds of research can NAIT engage in especially in the green economy?
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        hello dr. shaw,

        like everyone else here i would like to start by thanking you for participating in this forum. i would also like to take this opportunity to thank you publicly for your commitment to nait and to the city of edmonton.

        building on the above sentiment - and perhaps as a counterpoint to some of the very specific course/infrastructure questions which have been raised to date - could you comment on nait's potential role not just as a local or a national institution but as an international institution? and could you comment as well on the impact that has on your planning and marketing and on your abiltiy to attract endowments and other funding sources in addtion to impacting enrolment?


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