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Ask Sam - Question Thread for Tuesday, June 16th

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  • Ask Sam - Question Thread for Tuesday, June 16th

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask Sam Tuesday question thread. Posting here assumes that you are willing to abide by the rules of C2E, and the rules of this specific Ask event.

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    A couple notes of housekeeping before we begin:

    There is the opportunity for the same question to be asked multiple times or multiple ways. This is perfectly acceptable. The only thing we ask is that there is only one post per user; however, multiple questions can be in that post.

    Finally, make sure you are using the button and not the button to enter your questions. The Report Post button is to report issues and concerns. Using this will result in your question not being immediately displayed, and a moderator having to copy and paste your suggestion into the Ask Sam question thread.

    So, with that, I sincerely thank Dr. Shaw for his participation, and I especially thank you for entering Connect2Edmonton and taking part in this event.

    Have fun!
    Connect2Edmonton Administration.

    I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.

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    Good Morning Dr. Shaw,
    My question is in regard to the architecture Technologist program at NAIT. As you are aware there is no full architecture program in Edmonton and in my opinion we are in desperate need of one. Not only for the obvious reasons of graduating more local students in this field, but also to have a educational institution that can act as a unbiased critic of Edmonton's architecture.
    So my questions are:
    Is there a possibility of turning the current program into a fully accredited architecture program at NAIT?
    Is there a possibility of qualified professors in this program becoming more involved as critics of Edmonton's current and future architecture?
    Thank you for your time in answering these questions.


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      Where would you like to see the final NAIT LRT Station located regardless of the situation at the municipal airport?
      $2.00 $2.25 $2.50 $2.75 $2.85 $3.00 $3.20 $3.25


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        Good day, Mr. Shaw.

        In your answers to yesterday’s questions, you confirmed that NAIT would be interested in acquiring airport land should it become available so that NAIT can consolidate in one location (obviously the preferable outcome for NAIT). I also understand that work has been delayed at the proposed Ralph Klein Campus location due to a lack of available funding from the government.

        Assuming that the funding were available (but with the status of available airport lands still in question), how long could NAIT postpone expansion at the Ralph Klein Campus in hopes of the possibility of acquiring airport lands before the Ralph Klein Campus becomes a 'must do' project?