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Ask Sam - Question Thread for Monday, June 15th.

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  • Ask Sam - Question Thread for Monday, June 15th.

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask Sam Monday question thread. Posting here assumes that you are willing to abide by the rules of C2E, and the rules of this specific Ask event.

    Please, before posting, make sure you are familiar with these rules. Click on the titles to go to the threads.

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    Ask Sam Forum

    A couple notes of housekeeping before we begin:

    There is the opportunity for the same question to be asked multiple times or multiple ways. This is perfectly acceptable. The only thing we ask is that there is only one post per user; however, multiple questions can be in that post.

    Finally, make sure you are using the button and not the button to enter your questions. The Report Post button is to report issues and concerns. Using this will result in your question not being immediately displayed, and a moderator having to copy and paste your suggestion into the Ask Sam question thread.

    So, with that, I sincerely thank Dr. Shaw for his participation, and I especially thank you for entering Connect2Edmonton and taking part in this event.

    Have fun!
    Connect2Edmonton Administration.

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    Locked until Monday.

    I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.


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      Thread unlocked.

      I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.


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        Dr. Sam,
        Thank you for your participation here on C2E.

        From time to time we get glimpses of developments at NAIT such as new buildings and news of your student successes. Can you share with us overall plans for NAIT campus? In particular, I am interested to know what strategies you have for campus consolidation to a single location, student housing, and a more effective use of campus space such as going higher rather than wider.

        In addition to campus development, I would like to hear from you if you have plans for pursuing initiatives to encourage NAIT employees to use public transit? Specifically, have you considered entering into a partnership with the ETS to provide NAIT employees perhaps at main NAIT campus with discounted bus fares? Such initiative will make NAIT campus more sustainable, the reduce the need to provide more parking spaces with funds saved going towards residence or classroom space construction, and push the ETS to provide more direct routes to NAIT campus.

        Thank you,


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          Dr. Sam,
          Is there any plan or commitment for the construction of Student Residence accommodations at the current NAIT Edm. Campus
          Thank You !
          Still waiting for the Arlington site to be reborn .......


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            Dr. Sam,

            What role does NAIT plan on playing in the whole City Centre Airport debate? Should the airport close, what effect do you expect the closure to play in future NAIT expansion plans?

            Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions,



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              Dr. Sam,

              NAIT is situated on the fringes of our downtown, bordering communities that are in need of redevelopment. With Kingsway Mall, future LRT, and NAIT itself all investing money for upgrades or expansion, I ask: What is NAITs role in community development? What can or how does NAIT use its status as a major educational institution to create positive change in the surrounding areas?

              Thank you for your time.
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                Due to timing issues, Dr. Shaw will reply by 5 pm tomorrow. We thank you for your patience. Please keep asking questions!

                I said this because coming here makes my heart hurt.


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                  1) Does NAIT have any plans to incorporate the engineering annex (or the students) into the overall main campus? It always seemed so disconnected.
                  2) Will future NAIT plans incorporate any commercial development? For all of the students scattered throughout the surrounding neighborhood, there is a serious lack of essential services nearby, such as a gorcery store.
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                    Good afternoon Dr.Shaw

                    Tom Hinderks asking a question:

                    NAIT currently offers both an Avionics Program and a Aircraft Structures program and the last we spoke had put it's professional pilot's program on hold for a time.

                    In light of last years CHR report outlining a crisis of personnel in the aviation industry are there plans to promote these courses more or will NAIT continue with them in their current form?

                    Is there a planned future for Aviation programming at NAIT? Or is aviation down the list based on current priorities?

                    Thank you for your time and look forward to meeting again soon.

                    Tom Hinderks
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                      Hi Mr. Shaw!

                      Thanks for taking the time to be apart of our little community !

                      My question(s)...

                      (1) - What sorts of new programs is NAIT looking into? Or are you guys satisfied with what you have to offer now?

                      (2) - Does the NAIT community consider upgrading to University?

                      (3) - Are there any plans to enhance the streetscape and make it more appealing from the street for the community and people actually in NAIT? For example, retrofitting buildings to host a variety of shops and restaurants? I think it would add much to the area, perhaps vibrancy.

                      (4) - If City Centre Airport closes, would NAIT look into expanding in the lands? Also what is the status on the Klein campus so far (one around Ellerslie Rd)? Do you support having a college/college extension out there (and why?)?

                      (5) - What makes NAIT great in your opinion? To me it is one of the best schools in Edmonton, so I'm wondering your opinion!

                      Thank you for this wonderful priveledge

                      EE (EdmontonEnthusiast/Edmontonenthusiast/edmontonenthusiast).