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Ask Ron - Thursday Question Thread

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  • Ask Ron - Thursday Question Thread

    Final day's question thread.

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    I have the following two questions (with sub parts);
    1. What affect will Walmart's decision to build their distribution center in Calgary have on Port Alberta? Was Edmonton/Port Alberta in the running for this distribution center? About 18 months ago it was announced that investors from China were supposed to build a major distribution center at Port Alberta/YEG. Was this supposed to be the Walmart distribution center or is this major distribution center still in the works? Is CP still going ahead with the building of their new inter-modal facility across the QEII from YEG?

    2. Would it be possible to locate a quality restuarant (Milestones, Cactus Club, Moxies, etc.) in the River Valley room of the Shaw Conference Center? (This space has one of the most incredible river valley views and could be one of the most popular outdoor patios in this city but now is completely underutilized, in my opinion.) Also would it possible to locate a coffee shop (Starbucks, Second Cup) in the main floor of the small auxiliary building on the west side of the Shaw Conference Center (immediately to the east of the at grade parking lot that sits between the Shaw Conference Center and the Marriott Hotel)? Again, incredible views and some great space for an outdoor patio.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer these qustions.


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      Hello Ron,

      I have a pretty easy question for you.
      To the average Edmontonian, (meaning one who doesnt frequent forums like this or keep up to date on new developments) What is the purpose of the EEDC and what benefits do citizens obtain from the organization? In simple mass appeal words if you know what i mean.

      please and thanks.
      be offended! figure out why later...


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        Thanks again for doing thing this.

        1. The sudden decision to shut down Capital Health and create a "superboard" was very disappointing, I thought, because the agency was doing so many creative things that supported the city beyond the delivery of medical care. To what extent has restructuring impacted on plans to build a creative, knowledge-based economy? Is the dream of Edmonton as a "Mayo North" now essentially dead, or can that still be achieved through the new entity, even though it has a province-wide focus?

        2. The concept of further developing the oil sands is being slaughtered in the international media. Some of the criticism is fair. Some of it isn't. Edmonton is an important processing centre for bitumen, so the public perception of oil sands is a critical local issue. Is there anything the city can do to help "green up" the sector, to address fair criticisms, and what can we do to improve communication about the oil sands to the international audience?


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          Thank you for taking time to answer questions from C2E members.

          My question is about EDE's leadership ... or lack thereof.

          When our community recently debated the future of the City Centre Airport, EDE under your leadership was silent.

          When our community recently debated the future of a new regional municipal alliance for accelerated economic growth, EDE under your leadership was silent.

          And when our community debated a new downtown arena, EDE under your leadership was silent.

          My sources within these three projects affirm EDE was not quietly working behind the scenes; you were just conspicuously absent without explanation.

          Since these three community initiatives are arguably the three biggest economic development issues of our generation, you can understand that many citizens are whispering about the effectiveness of your leadership.

          My question: When can we expect EDE under your leadership to once again be a regional leader?


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            Edmonton Stories

            Mayor Mandel is quoted in yesterday's Journal as saying the $1.4 million Edmonton Stories website project is "not an expensive program." That's an outrageously arrogant statement given the fact that this taxpayer-funded project is likely the MOST EXPENSIVE website ever created in Edmonton (and perhaps Alberta)!

            I have some big issues with paying a small army of PR pros to produce stories about carefully selected "interesting" Edmontonians based on the nonsensical notion that this will somehow improve Edmonton's national reputation or attract investment. Are our interesting people truly any more interesting than interesting people in every city in the world? Of course not. And who cares?

            Since EDE is supposedly a partner in this project, please answer these questions:

            1. What credible marketing experts can you name---who have not benefited from this program---who have objectively critiqued the legitimacy and effectiveness of this marketing program?

            2. How much money has been spent on similar image marketing projects in each of the past five years?

            3. If each year's image marketing campaign is so successful, why has the marketing strategy been dramatically different each year?

            4. Why does Edmonton Stories have almost no profiles on interesting people from the regional communities surrounding Edmonton? (Is this group of 300,000 people not very interesting? Or just not of interest to the City of Edmonton's communications dept?)

            5. What percentage of the stories on this heavily censured (and low-believability) website have been written by PR people? And what's the percentage (and number) of stories voluntarily submitted by citizens?

            6. Is there any objective, quantitative evidence to suggest that Edmonton's image has been enhanced by all of your "image enhancement" campaigns?

            7. Exactly what aspect of Edmonton's image was so deficient that it needed enhancement by the Edmonton Stories project?

            8. Were all the contracts to ParCom Marketing and other contractors on this project publicly and properly tendered?

            9. This $1.4 million project only resulted in about 53,000 'visitor clicks' outside of our region. (Presumably many of these clicks were simply other Albertans.) Does EDE truly believe that this marketing campaign was a success when it cost a staggering $26.40 per (external market) visitor click? Or will you concede that this is really a marketing fiasco that should not be repeated?

            10. Why is the City of Edmonton involved in this project when EDE is supposedly in charge of regional marketing and the city's communication department has repeatedly embarrassed Edmonton with previous marketing screw-ups?


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              We have recently witnessed Northlands and various other organizations arguing over their roles in the community. There is a good chance that Northlands will be eliminated from any future arena development in the core of our city... should that be the case, is Northlands still necessary? And if not, any chance that the EEDC and Northlands will merge or the EEDC take over the roles that Northlands currently plays in the city of Edmonton?