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  • Ask Ron - Answers from Monday

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    I Green Grovenor

    1. I hope you will discuss EEDC’s involvement in the upcoming presentation by George W. Bush. Do you expect any backlash because of it?

    Edmonton is increasingly becoming a global city. As such, EEDC supports bringing in a world leader as an opportunity for Edmontonians. The politics aren’t relevant rather this is about exposure to the world’s stage.

    EEDC is one of the sponsors of this event. Our support has not been monetary instead it has included providing a link on our website and promoting via an email distribution to our business database.

    As host venue, the Shaw Conference Centre (SCC) was contracted on normal commercial terms; therefore, this event will generate significant revenues for the SCC and Edmonton.

    2. There is speculation that a new downtown arena would also serve as a convention facility. What do you foresee for the future of the Shaw site?

    We’re just beginning a major study to look at the long-term development plan to address the future convention market needs in Edmonton (30 – 40 years) which will include the potential of the building and site.

    For some context, in 2008, the Shaw declined 12 conventions due to an absence of available space. Based on existing estimates, this declined business would have translated into approximately $10 million of economic impact for the city. An independent forecast of convention demand for Edmonton indicates that by 2020 convention volumes (by delegates) could double.

    II Sonic Death Monkey

    1. What are the options for expanding the Shaw Conference Centre on its present site? Can it be expanded across Grierson Hill so it is adjacent to Louise McKinney Park? Or would it be a continual eastward expansion along Jasper Avenue?

    As above, we’re creating a long-term (30 – 40 years) development plan to address the needs of the convention market in Edmonton. This will include the potential of the building and site. Certainly this is one option to look at and would require further exploration with the City’s Planning and Development Department to ensure integration with the various area plans.

    2. Has there ever been given thought to opening up access in the SCC so that people from Jasper Ave can access McKinney Park?

    People are already doing this – we see it a lot during lunch. The SCC acting as a connector between downtown and the park is another consideration for the long-term plan.

    III etownboarder

    1. What role does EEDC play in Edmonton? What is its main purpose and function?

    Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) is an independent corporation established by the City of Edmonton. It is responsible for the management of the Shaw Conference Centre, management of the Edmonton Research Park, tourism marketing and economic development for Edmonton. EEDC’s purpose is to create sustainable economic growth and development for Edmonton, with the aspiration of having Edmonton recognized as one of the world’s leading midsized cities by 2030.