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Ask Ron - Tuesday Question Thread

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  • Ask Ron - Tuesday Question Thread

    This thread will encompass the questions from 15:30 Monday to 15:30 Tuesday.

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    Hi Ron,

    thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    1) What is the future of the EEDC in the new arena?
    2) What goals does the EEDC have for the next year and five years?
    3) What 3 changes would you make to downtown Edmonton, if you could have you way on anything?
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      Hi Ron,

      Is there any way to make the wall with the word "dream" facing Jasper Avenue more accommodating to Jasper Avenue? Is it possible install a small cafe, shop etc. in front of the wall to mitigate the impact of the wall itself?

      Thomas H.
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        Hello, Ron. I'm going to ask you to dust off your crystal ball and give us some predictions on Edmonton and the Capital Region's future economic well-being.

        In the last week or two, I've heard that we may be through the worst of the current global recession. I'm taking that with a grain (or box) of salt, because some economic indicators (e.g., monthly retail sales) suggest we aren't on our way up...yet.

        In your opinion, what's in store for our city's economy in the next six, 12 and 18 months? Thanks.



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          Hello Ron,

          1/ What are the future plans for the Edmonton Research Park in terms of expansion? Are there any success stories of companies that have outgrown the park?

          2/ What are your thoughts regarding North American Construction moving their executive (head) office to Calgary?

          3/ We know the Airport has been working to attract new flights to Edmonton. Have any of the new flights encouraged companies to locate to or expand in Edmonton?

          4/ Is EEDC working to try to get VIA to increase train service to daily from its current every second day service?

          5/ What is the one item that the city requires to grow up, that it does not have and what is EEDC doing to get it?

          Thanks for your time.

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            Hi Ron

            Thank you for participating in the forum and taking our questions.

            My question:

            What is EDC's plan to both recruit and retain downtown businesses and head-offices in Edmonton, considering the rising office-lease availability (consequently lowering of leasing rates per square foot) in Calgary. There are indications that Calgary's Economic Development entity are strongly recruiting financial and other institutions to their CBD.




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              Hello Ron,

              1. Edmonton is rapidly becoming one of the most economically diverse cities in Canada, with the UofA and the Research Park both key drivers in getting away from energy-industry dependence. What, if any, are key industries the EEDC is trying to attract to Edmonton to continue to diversify, create jobs, and both feed and utilize the talent pool coming from our post-secondary institutions?

              2. The "green" movement is huge and growing. Litigation, lobbying, and eco-terrorism in the name of environmentalism is at an all-time high. How is Edmonton positioning itself to profit from this trend and ensure current and future economic growth is environmentally friendly?
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                Hello, just some random questions that have popped in my head:

                Are you in favour of expanding Edmonton's pedway network (above and below ground) as a method of attracting new tenants to locations downtown?

                Do you see the moving of the Greyhound terminal to the VIA rail site as an advantage or disadvantage?

                Which would you prefer as a pedestrian only shopping district...104th Street or Rice Howard Way?

                Any ideas on a future tenant for the Sun Life Financial building after they relocate to Waterloo?

                Thanks, and I hope my questions are relevant.
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                  Thread closed 15:48h. I will open the Wednesday thread now.