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Ask Reg - Questions Thursday, March 12

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  • Ask Reg - Questions Thursday, March 12

    FINAL DAY!!!!!

    Hello fellow C2E Members!

    Welcome to the Ask Reg Thursday question thread. These questions will be answered on Friday.

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    So, with that, I sincerely thank Mr. Milley for his participation, and I especially thank you for entering Connect2Edmonton and taking part in this event.

    Have fun!
    Connect2Edmonton Administration

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    thanks for your answer to my question on monday and the time and effort that is obviously going in to answering everyone's questions. several of the questions and answers to date however have mentioned 750,000 people driving to yyc every year. is that a typo being carried forward in error or is my math and conclusions out? 750,000 is more than 2,000 passengers per day and even at 2 passengers per car as far as i can determine that would account for more than 5% of all passenger car traffic between edmonton and calgary. furthermore, if 1,000 cars per day are assumed to be driving to calgary and one were to assume that the average trip being taken would be five days in length (probably low as there can't be that many one or two day trips that would justify the drive down), then at any one time there would be 5,000 cars from edmonton parked at yyc. i don't know how many park 'n fly or park and jet stalls they have but yyc itself doesn't have 5,000 parking stalls in total including both its discount parking weekly lots and its parkade. is the real number perhaps closer to 75,000 than 750,000 (which would seem to make more sense)? personally, i would never drive to yyc instead of using yeg and will actually take more time or adjust my travel dates to do that or to connect anywhere but through yyc if at all possible. although i'm sure some don't care that much one way or the other, i can't see how driving to calgary could be that much more advantageous for that many...
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      Hello Mr. Milley,

      Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer questions from us.

      A few questions now have revolved around the air terminal expansion, and if the built form will be purely functional, or have some ‘wow’ factor. I certainly hope that some ‘wow’ factor is being planned, and to take things a step further, I had a question regarding the Canadian Customs area. With the expansion being planned, will the Canadian Customs area be moving or expanded? I must admit, welcoming visitors to our country (and welcoming us Canadians back home) in the current Canadian Customs area is a little underwhelming, to say the least. Canada is a country of wide open spaces…yet the customs area seems like it’s crammed into a little basement with low ceilings. (Compare this to Vancouver, with its high open ceilings, grand water feature as you descend the stairs, etc…and it becomes quickly apparent how underwhelming our area is.) Now, I certainly understand that we see no where near the number of international/transborder passengers to be processed as Vancouver; however, we should definitely aspire to be more!

      One last quick question - with the terminal expansion, is the plan still to have all security processing at Central Hall (which really won’t be all that central anymore…), or are there plans to open an additional security checkpoint somewhere in the south terminal?


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        San Francisco Service Comparison

        Hi, Mr. Milley

        I have noticed UAX has drastically cut back SFO service to two flights into the summer with no late night arrival to YEG and early moring departure from YEG. From what I understand from their schedule, UAX is avoiding having their crews to stay overnight in Edmonton. It was not as convenient as before but I am not too concern as long as they have a service between the 2 cities.

        However, comparing to service between YYC and SFO, their schedule into the summer is still showing 4 UAX daily flights and 2 AC flights on E90. No cut back of service at all.

        Don't you think YYC is being overflooded with these empty seats to SFO? Honestly, I don't believe they can fill up all those seats to SFO even during the summer time.


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          At first a few comments:
          You and your staff are stars for engaging the public with this and the B and B sessions. There is a metric tonne of value for both the public and the EAA by being open and transparent.
          I think its fantastic that the airport is being proactive and doing everything right. It certainly seems that there are many factors that an airport authority has little control over, but you cannot have success if you remain the status quo. Good Job!
          Over the last 12 years the airport has completely transformed itself. I am proud to meet people travelling to Edmonton at the airport, Edmonton's doorstep.
          It would be nice to see some cool features with the new expansion. Something that leaves a memory.
          and one last comment... moving sidewalks. Thats all Im going to say about that.

          Okay, so now a question:
          What is happening with open skies, what is open skies, can it - will it and should it benefit Edmonton?
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            Mr. Milley,

            I am wondering if you might be able to tell us when we might be able to see, or provide for us directly, the most recent renderings of the new airport expansion. It is my understanding that a few things have changed in the overall design, and I would love to see what these changes might look like.

            On the topic of expansion at the airport, if construction costs drop significantly, will the funds saved be used to make other improvements at the airport? Or will it simply be looked at as a cost savings on the overall project?


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              Good morning and thak you Mr. Milley for taking questions from the public on this forum.

              To the operators of C2E thank you for arranging this opportunity.

              Normally I do not participate in this type of activity but recently learned of the opportunity through friends that do use the net.

              I apologize in advance for my poor computer skills and spelling.

              Mr. Milley

              I was recently at your Cooking Lake facility and was surprised to find over coffee the General Aviation Managers position is being eliminated. I was also surprised to find it appears that the general aviation functions are being dispersed to other departments rather than having a department dealing with general aviation.

              In effect...elimination of the department.

              From that visit I was perplexed to be informed many feel that the "Owners Assocation", for lack of a better term, feels they are being pushed to take over the facility.

              This and other factors surrounding general aviation has many feeling that you are eliminating general aviation from the fold of your operations.

              Others take it that it shows Edmonton is closed for business except at the International Airport.

              Now this all comes from coffee talk so I would appreciate if you could correct any errors.

              The questions

              With effectively no general aviation department what are you doing to serve these operations, which are very different that the major service at the International?

              Is the intent to provide better services and increased opportunity to general aviation in the immediate future or is the concentration going to remain on only serving the INternational.

              Please advise on what current efforts/growth is currently in progress as it affects general aviation? (hardware..facilities repairs growth) Or is it all still in planning progress?




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                Mr. Milley,

                Thank you for letting the members here ask questions of you.

                The discussion here around airports has me very interested in taking pilot lessons. I have read talks about the Villeneuve airport here so I decided to check it out and I found a very quaint spot full of open space for development. It looks like a place with all the facilities needed but it is quiet and crying out to be used. I read your document on a transition plan and it seemed to be quite small for Villeneuve in terms of hangar and airside development so that new fliers like what I hope to be have a place to eventually store our planes when I can afford one. Is there a bigger plan for Villeneuve in the works or what we see is what we get?

                Go Canucks Go!


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                  Mr. Milley:

                  Thanks for taking the time to respond.

                  Many people who support the City Centre Airport to stay open do because they like the luxury of private jets, and in my opinion could care less about how their private jets are halting downtown/area development and more. So, as a compromise, would you be open to opening a private airfield near the international or on the outskirts, at least 10km from the downtown for the people who still want their private jets? Also if the Muni closes, do you guys think you'll loose money overall? Thank you so much for responding!


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                    Mr. Milley,
                    I have been wondering why with the incrediably strong growth numbers and the title of fastest growing airport in Canada and North America YEG has lost out on flights and frequencies to YYC. An example of this is AC serving YYC to FRA and instead of Lufthansa serving YEG they Serve YYC to FRA aswell for a total of two daily flights to YYC and none for YEG. I understand that YYC is a star Alliance hub but there have been a couple of more cases like this. Could you plese elaborate on this a little?

                    Thank You


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                      Good afternoon Reg,
                      I was wondering what the future holds for the old office building at the teminal? Do you intend to demolish it or could this building be converted to a hotel or be leased out?

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                        Mr Milly
                        Thank you for your response
                        As a comment to my initial posted query:
                        "Do you think the EIA has been able to adequately educate and identify to the average Edmontonian and others in the region, how important a financial boost that this series of projects will create in our economy?

                        In this economy with all the sabre rattling about "Shovel Ready Projects" and "Flaherty decries delayed release of infrastructure monies "; it would seem like THE prime time for EIA to "bang it's drum" in the media about what an important contributing role EIA has not only to Edmonton but to the region with Expansion 2012. My guess is that EIA will leave the other much lauded but unseen projects in the dust when it comes to commencement and fiscal impact.
                        TV Ads, Billboards, maybe "that talk-show guy from Calgary" that airs on CHED (yikes)
                        Still waiting for the Arlington site to be reborn .......


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                          Hello again, Reg. And many thanks for your participation in this endeavor.

                          In regard to another person's question and your answer:

                          Els: What is your plan on adding more signages on QEII to EIA? If you are driving from Edmonton to the airport, there is no big overhead advanced signs indicating the airport is in the vicinity. The signs on the right hand side of the shoulder is not too noticeable. Comparing the big overhead sign if you are driving from Leduc to the airport, this is visible. Any plans on adding a similar sign from the other driving directions?

                          This is the first I’ve heard of anyone having difficulty noticing the signage on QEII for the airport. That’s a provincial highway so we’ll have to have that discussion with them and determine if they’ve had other concerns raised and if they have plans to add additional signage. Thanks for letting us know.
                          Although it has admittedly been a while since I've been at the International Airport, I have noted that when leaving the terminal and driving down Airport Road towards the QEII that there are inadequate directional signs for exiting on the QEII to get to Edmonton and Red Deer, apart from the little green exit signs on the right side of the road. Most major airports have large overhead directional signs for the benefit of newcomers. JimR (former EIA spokesman) pointed out to me that the signs on Airport Road are a provincial responsibility. Will your discussion with the province's transportation ministry also address the need for adequate overhead directional signs for getting to Edmonton and Red Deer?

                          p.s. Pass along my thanks for the street lights between Edmonton and YEG.
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                            Thanks for doing this Reg.

                            A simple question, there is lots of talk that ECCA is the gateway to the North, some think that it is not. Can you share what the real story is?
                            How many scheduled passengers, how many aircraft, how many seats at each airport go to the north?
                            Does Calgary have more activity to the North? Has this changed over time?
                            Has consolidation actually made access to the world better for northern communities? How much is the economic impact from consolidation by people from Edmonton and the north not having to connect through Calgary (let alone the environmental benefits?

                            OK, perhaps not a simple question but just looking for the facts to dispel the myths!


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                              Where are the flights?

                              Mr. Milley,

                              As an airline pilot flying out of CYEG I have had a very unique perspective of our industry and the ten years since consolidation. There has hardly been the huge amount of new flights that the city was promised. In fact the Air Canada flight to London only came due to the boom in Alberta. Nothing to do with consolidation, before that the airport had 7 years with just normal growth. You brag about how there was 747 flying overhead waiting to land. This airport has not seen any 747 or for that matter A-340 or 777 at all. There are only one-schedule long hull flights out of this airport.

                              The EIA even uses our airport fees to put up billboards around the city to advertise the flights for certain airlines while ignoring the other airlines.

                              Don't bother telling me about how it is the fastest growing airport in the world. When the airport uses numbers from oil field workers going to the oil sands from apron 2 to help prop up your numbers. Calgary managed to have over 12 million pax last year, twice what CYEG did.

                              Now the EIA wants to spend 1 billion dollars on a new movable terminal. For what, the 1-hour rush in the morning. Have you seen the place at 10 in the morning? You could fire a cannon through it and not hit anyone.

                              CYEG will never be a hub. Just a spoke. Look at your major US airlines. American, Continental, Delta, United have either pulled out in the last few years or don't even fly here. The US airlines that do fly here are regional ones with the exception on US Air and Northwest. Yet consolidation was going to make CYEG a major hub. A lot of the flights that the airport has attracted are seasonal or charters. Not really the promise that consolidation would bring.

                              I have flown around this world and have seen many airports and I have come to the conclusion as many others of us in this industry that the EIA is doing a very poor job of managing an airport.